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Herman<T>.Instance 20-Feb-22 5:22am View
Order bY Contno, EntryDate ??
Herman<T>.Instance 20-Feb-22 5:21am View
I am waiting from answers from Microsoft. Might have found strange side effects on using SqlDependency in C# and Sql Server Server Broker. When confirmed CP will get a nice article
Herman<T>.Instance 16-Jan-22 15:00pm View
It will return in 4 weeks time
Herman<T>.Instance 13-Jan-22 10:47am View
;WITH hotels AS ()
Herman<T>.Instance 13-Jan-22 10:45am View
Hi _Asif_
After restart of the DB everything runs smooth again. In 4 weeks time this issue returns.
- Sp_WHo shows no blockedby's
- dm_tranlock might show a record
Cannot find this issue!
Herman<T>.Instance 13-Jan-22 10:39am View
CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [idxTest-TestProgramPart] ON [TDMS].[tests]
[test_program_parts_id] ASC
Herman<T>.Instance 13-Jan-22 10:24am View
We saw a hanging item in the dm_tranlock, removed it and select worked again
Herman<T>.Instance 13-Jan-22 10:01am View
Herman<T>.Instance 3-Jan-22 9:08am View
I just don't click unknown links
Herman<T>.Instance 10-Dec-21 10:28am View
Have you tried Array.Sort()?
Herman<T>.Instance 24-Nov-21 3:29am View
We have done a restart of the DB services and the issue was solved. Thanks for helping out
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Nov-21 11:43am View
Somehow the queryplan turns over into parallelism when doing an update
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Nov-21 11:42am View
the id field is in the PK index, the bitfield in a separate index.
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Nov-21 10:45am View
But drop of that index does not solve the issue
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Nov-21 10:41am View
yes, there is 1 index on it
Herman<T>.Instance 4-Nov-21 5:19am View
I used the word LIKE It has the style of...
Herman<T>.Instance 4-Nov-21 5:19am View
Look at the clickbait title
Herman<T>.Instance 4-Nov-21 4:12am View
This is setup like a Facebook advertisement to make you click.
Herman<T>.Instance 4-Nov-21 4:11am View
Why you bring Facebook advertisements to here?
Herman<T>.Instance 2-Nov-21 8:40am View
Exaclty: A DataAdapter first fetches all data before it exposes to the client. SqlDataReader streams your data so it can be exposed faster to the client. It exposes as long as the stream is running, making your application more fluid.
Herman<T>.Instance 19-Oct-21 8:16am View
Herman<T>.Instance 13-Sep-21 9:59am View
Better store the Ticks (long/Int64)
Herman<T>.Instance 8-Dec-20 16:54pm View
Herman<T>.Instance 20-Oct-20 5:04am View
Please use codeblocks when dumping your coding environment here.
Herman<T>.Instance 20-Oct-20 4:15am View
:0 in stead of :id ?
Herman<T>.Instance 6-Aug-20 8:43am View
To create a new user you first create a Login and then the User.
Herman<T>.Instance 6-Jul-20 13:53pm View
No errortracking, you're asking for it
Herman<T>.Instance 16-Jun-20 10:43am View
Hi CHill60,
I have just tested it and it gives me exactly 0 lines as result if the words are in correct order or in a different order. Thanks for your help, despite the result. I try to find other ways
Herman<T>.Instance 12-Jun-20 10:35am View
I can have n splitresults but they all must occur within the pv.SearchLine
Herman<T>.Instance 11-Jun-20 10:10am View
Hi CHill60,
I have accepted your solution, cause this works in a nice way.Except.... If I have n keywords and all keywords must exist not any but all. It is doing OR now in stead of AND.

My code:
DECLARE @searchtext NVARCHAR(1000)= 'vessel ship container';

;WITH containsfields as (SELECT [Value] from dbo.SplitString(@searchtext, ' '))
WHEN [ProjectTypeCode] = 'NULL'
ELSE [ProjectTypeCode]
END AS [ProjectTypeCode],
WHEN [EngineerName] = 'NULL'
ELSE [EngineerName]
END AS [EngineerName],
FROM [dbo].[IProjectView] AS pv
INNER JOIN containsfields as cf
on CHARINDEX(cf.Value, pv.SearchLine) > 0
ORDER BY ProjectNo;

SearchLine is the concatenation of fields in the view.
How to change the query to have all keywords found in 1 line?
Herman<T>.Instance 11-Jun-20 8:52am View
dynamically, you mean by CTE?
Herman<T>.Instance 19-Mar-20 5:58am View
I Guess the LIKE forces a table scan. What does the query execution plan tell you?
Herman<T>.Instance 13-Mar-20 12:25pm View
You are missing setting up Routing in WebApI
Herman<T>.Instance 13-Mar-20 11:56am View
The point is, that the client creates the URI for me.

For V3 it was done right for V4 the servies needs some routing settings. That is where I am looking for.
Herman<T>.Instance 13-Mar-20 10:33am View
no the uri should be:
var uri = new Uri($"'{modelNumber}'");
Herman<T>.Instance 13-Mar-20 10:27am View
Herman<T>.Instance 13-Mar-20 10:07am View
code is calling
Herman<T>.Instance 13-Mar-20 9:54am View

OData V3 dis it correctly and V4 has new ways with Routing. I can't figure it out.
Herman<T>.Instance 13-Mar-20 5:35am View
Have you seen my other question about this issue?
Herman<T>.Instance 12-Mar-20 12:33pm View
Are you OK with routes?

I have function and Odata client creates
Where my service says

public IEnumerable<projectusedmodels_result> Get([FromODataUri]string modelNumber = "")

Why the route in the service is not used by the client?
Herman<T>.Instance 12-Mar-20 12:12pm View
Library = Microsoft.aspnet.Odata.

Upgrading to V4 and adding the nested $filter in $expand did not help.

Any other options?
Herman<T>.Instance 12-Mar-20 11:39am View
I use a V3 protocol. I just started upgrading to v4 and retry the issue. Have the
Herman<T>.Instance 12-Mar-20 11:18am View
I use OData connected services

Herman<T>.Instance 12-Mar-20 10:05am View
I have it working since begin march. What a GREAT solution. All kudos for you.
Herman<T>.Instance 28-Feb-20 5:36am View
IENumerable needs <t> IQueryable not.
Herman<T>.Instance 27-Feb-20 14:37pm View
The type 'MARIN.DS.MarinEntities.Entities.MenuEntity' cannot be used as type parameter 'T' in the generic type or method 'ComboBoxFiller<t>'. There is no implicit reference conversion from 'MARIN.DS.MarinEntities.Entities.MenuEntity' to 'MARIN.DS.MarinEntities.Entities.IDataCollectionProvider<marin.ds.marinentities.entities.menuentity>'.

The Interface had to be:
public interface IDataCollectionProvider<t>
IQueryable<t> DataFromService { get; set; }
List<t> DataFromServiceList { get; }
string DropDownListDataTextField { get; }
Exception LastException { get; set; }

because T type holds the IQueryable data for the given Entity Framework poco

How to overcome this?
Herman<T>.Instance 5-Feb-20 3:25am View
I guess asking a question here
Herman<T>.Instance 5-Feb-20 3:23am View
One tip that does not solve your problem:
Since you use SqlParameter[] SQLPmtr
You can state:
if (SqlPmtr != null && SQLPmtr.Length > 0) cmd.Parameters.AddRange(SQLPmtr);
Herman<T>.Instance 4-Feb-20 3:35am View
This is a question in the range:
My fridge is empty and needs a refill. Please fill it up.
Herman<T>.Instance 3-Feb-20 6:26am View
I did that, but the issue is solved. Thanks
Herman<T>.Instance 3-Feb-20 5:14am View
I did read that solution to and found as simple answer. The option Griff gave has minimal code.
Thanks for your help!
Herman<T>.Instance 3-Feb-20 5:13am View
Thanks Mate!

I told you it is monday morning.....
Herman<T>.Instance 3-Feb-20 4:15am View
{System.Linq.OrderedEnumerable<marinmodelservice.models.modelstatu, system.type="">}

dataservice.OrderBy(x => x.GetType().GetProperty(DropDownListDataTextField)) leads to an unordered IeNumerable<t>
Herman<T>.Instance 3-Feb-20 3:59am View
<t> is the webAPI object ModelStatu (is table via EF in webAPI Controller).
DropDownListDataTextField holds the name to display in a dropdownlist and has the value "Status"
Herman<T>.Instance 3-Feb-20 3:48am View
but the column does exist.
I added .GetValue(dataservice) and then I get the error:
'this' parameter not instance of type

the var Data has the error: Object does not match target type.
Herman<T>.Instance 3-Feb-20 3:28am View
Griff, I know it is monday morning.

I did debug and I know it is the IF and not the ELSE part it is running.....
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Jan-20 5:05am View
Which type of database?
Herman<T>.Instance 10-Dec-19 7:14am View
Why you use an INSERT and a MERGE in 1 Stored Procedure. On using the MERGE you can determine if to INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE.
Herman<T>.Instance 9-Dec-19 5:17am View
Show code to see what you did
Herman<T>.Instance 9-Dec-19 5:17am View
Why not?
Herman<T>.Instance 3-Dec-19 9:15am View
Why you are using a temporary table for this? I do not understand your choice.
Herman<T>.Instance 3-Dec-19 9:13am View
I don't click dubious links/images. Don't know what I am gonna get!
Herman<T>.Instance 3-Dec-19 9:12am View
Wellllll where do you check if the row is selected? row.SelectedIndex is never used
Herman<T>.Instance 3-Dec-19 3:07am View
And what is the exact exception?
Maybe debug: your IIS
Herman<T>.Instance 29-Nov-19 8:41am View
Any Exceptions?
Herman<T>.Instance 21-Nov-19 9:27am View
Herman<T>.Instance 21-Nov-19 3:33am View
set width and height in css class to a percentage. Than it will autoscale by resizing
Herman<T>.Instance 20-Nov-19 8:08am View
Yeah but the first new row is not added to the viewstate, so you add the second row to the original viewstate. If you put a breakpoint @ DataTable dtCurrentTable = (DataTable)ViewState["CurrentTable"]; you will see....
Herman<T>.Instance 20-Nov-19 7:57am View
I guess the problem is the viewstate. It is set once and resued. I do not see any code where the ViewState is updated after adding a row.
Herman<T>.Instance 20-Nov-19 7:52am View
Does he want mayonaise with it?
Herman<T>.Instance 20-Nov-19 4:23am View
Herman<T>.Instance 19-Nov-19 6:36am View
I don't see 'temperature' in your HTML
Herman<T>.Instance 7-Nov-19 4:22am View
We don't do HOMEWORK
Herman<T>.Instance 6-Nov-19 5:35am View
your part script type .... function ....

That part should be just above < /body>. You are then sure all HTML is loaded properly so the script can find all controls
Herman<T>.Instance 6-Nov-19 3:50am View
Why not use a POST?
Herman<T>.Instance 6-Nov-19 3:37am View
What is Exception message?
Herman<T>.Instance 6-Nov-19 3:35am View
What is the error/exception/message that hints the problem?
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Oct-19 6:32am View
What is the question?
Herman<T>.Instance 17-Oct-19 15:55pm View
missing the OUT in :

return new[]
new Person(out "Dan", out 36.294),
new Person(out "Dave", out 72.492)

Herman<T>.Instance 23-Sep-19 10:02am View
Run the installer again. It might be missing something or the service account has insufficient rights on the folder.
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Sep-19 5:40am View
'I only have one "SQL Expression" field where I can paste the code into' .....
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Sep-19 3:28am View
It is setting begin of string to 'distinct '
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Sep-19 3:09am View
SQL Injection. Always a NO GO!
What is your exact problem? Can't look in your mind
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Aug-19 8:06am View
Are the servers linked?
Herman<T>.Instance 8-Jul-19 6:59am View
Is there any exception cq fault message? What have you debugged?
Herman<T>.Instance 26-Jun-19 4:10am View
SELECT Name, ProductName
SELECT ROW_Number OVER(Partion By c.Name ORDER BY C.Name, p.ProductID DESC) as Rowno,
c.Name, p.productName
FROM Customer c
JOIN Purchases p on p.UserID = c.UserId

) as x
WHERE x.Rowno = 1
Herman<T>.Instance 26-Jun-19 4:05am View
Why you think row_number only works with timestamp column? order by Id DESC is valid for Row_Number
Herman<T>.Instance 25-Jun-19 8:34am View
Herman<T>.Instance 24-Jun-19 19:03pm View
have you ever read my article about dynamic pivotting?
Herman<T>.Instance 24-Jun-19 7:51am View
Both add to the learning curve
Herman<T>.Instance 24-Jun-19 6:54am View
Is there LAG/LEAD functionality in ACCESS?
Herman<T>.Instance 24-Jun-19 6:52am View
Ojjj Griff! Use ROW_NUMBER function for such queries. It is designed for such db questions.

SELECT ProductCode, BidPrice, BidDate
SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY ProductCode, BidDate ORDER BY ProductCode, BidDate DESC) as Rowno, ProductCode, BidPrice, BidDate
FROM Purchases
) as x
WHERE Rowno = 1
Herman<T>.Instance 11-Jun-19 3:20am View
If you debug your code you would know where the index was outside the bounds. In your shown code some array with no or less then 5 items will lead to this message.

1: debug
2: read exception stack trace to see where the exception occurred in your code.
Herman<T>.Instance 21-May-19 8:08am View
Yep, this is the solution! Post it as a solution!
Herman<T>.Instance 17-May-19 3:40am View
Has the IIS User rights to write to the folder where you expect the uploaded file?
Herman<T>.Instance 9-Apr-19 8:48am View
HINT: SELECT format(@datetime,'yyyyMMddHHmmss')
Herman<T>.Instance 9-Apr-19 8:15am View
Maybe some background process is blocking this. I do not see anything blocking with sp_who (2). We do get some deadlocks.
Herman<T>.Instance 9-Apr-19 7:08am View
disabling en reenabling the notificationservice didnit do anything. Restart the SQl Server perhaps
Herman<T>.Instance 9-Apr-19 7:07am View
The strange situation is that the sp was no problem until last week!
If i backup that database and restore it to my own sql server the problem is gone too. DBCC Checkdb doesn't show up any problems.
Herman<T>.Instance 9-Apr-19 3:47am View
I'm using SQL Server 2014......
Herman<T>.Instance 8-Apr-19 7:14am View
Yes I do use notification subscription. They are not used in any stored procedure, but the query plan of test_insert says it is being used where the nr of estimated rows increases from 1 to 17 million and more. (That seems 4 seconds work)
Herman<T>.Instance 3-Apr-19 6:47am View
What is the problem?
Herman<T>.Instance 7-Mar-19 6:09am View
LINQ -> .Expand()
Herman<T>.Instance 27-Feb-19 7:08am View
There are so many realy basic sql questions the last few days. This fella could have found over 1 million ways on the internet that could help him (not having server= and database= in his connectionstring). If you look at the last few days. How many of these low level question where asked by newbies / trolls?
Herman<T>.Instance 27-Feb-19 7:04am View
have you looked at ?
Herman<T>.Instance 26-Feb-19 6:07am View
did you try 2011/1/10 ?
Herman<T>.Instance 7-Feb-19 4:30am View
by typing it!
Herman<T>.Instance 6-Feb-19 10:51am View
thank you!
Herman<T>.Instance 4-Feb-19 3:53am View
Herman<T>.Instance 20-Dec-18 4:45am View
... (in the past at least)... Guessing i'm working way too long....
Herman<T>.Instance 20-Dec-18 4:44am View
ORDER BY DESCENDING. That is a guarantee! If the field is Indexed is not guaranteed
Herman<T>.Instance 19-Dec-18 11:57am View
Only the last record will be taken from the db since the query asks for DESCENDING order. Despite the size of the collection. You find the MAX value in a blink of an eye. MAX (in the past at least) was a guaranteed table scan. The larger the collection, the longer it took.
Herman<T>.Instance 19-Dec-18 11:27am View
Performance wise the BEST option!
Herman<T>.Instance 19-Dec-18 4:49am View
There are many solutions to be found i the Article sections of CP:

Like mine:
Herman<T>.Instance 12-Dec-18 17:23pm View
maybe my article will help you.
Herman<T>.Instance 20-Nov-18 3:42am View
Is this homework?
Herman<T>.Instance 16-Nov-18 5:15am View
new balls please?
Herman<T>.Instance 16-Nov-18 5:15am View
Is type smallint, int or bigint in SQL ?
Herman<T>.Instance 9-Nov-18 7:07am View
Is it running in a webfarm?
Herman<T>.Instance 9-Nov-18 7:05am View
What he seems to want is when you click row 0 that row -1 gets set in EditMode.
Herman<T>.Instance 7-Nov-18 6:30am View
Is this homework?
Herman<T>.Instance 1-Nov-18 5:18am View
Is this homework?
Herman<T>.Instance 31-Oct-18 4:34am View
if you would use an unzip program on the file you could see the inner xml content. That might give the clue to your error.
Herman<T>.Instance 30-Oct-18 11:33am View
Have you checked the contents of the xlsx file using 7-zip?
Maybe there are no rows of data in the file.
Herman<T>.Instance 24-Oct-18 2:52am View
What was it?
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Oct-18 9:08am View
And you are not getting mails when starting up the webapplication?
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Oct-18 6:09am View
With truly NO information, no one can tell.

How fast is the call in SSMS? How many read/writes (Profiler) does your update cost?
Are the updates put in a TRANSACTION?
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Oct-18 6:06am View
You call the function by value in stead of by reference. That is your problem. amd Google says:
this!! about your problem
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Oct-18 5:17am View
has your webapplication a global.asax file that handles unhandled exceptions?
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Oct-18 4:28am View
Can Fiddler give you more details about:
'You are not authorized to view this page due to invalid authentication headers.'
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Oct-18 4:27am View
Forms Authentication is Enabled under authentication? Is that what you are telling me?
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Oct-18 4:25am View
What authorisations have been setup in IIS for the webapplication?
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Oct-18 4:19am View
In the questioners style->
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Oct-18 4:18am View
What error do you get?
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Oct-18 4:17am View
And the question is?
Herman<T>.Instance 9-Oct-18 6:24am View
How does your XAML look like?
Herman<T>.Instance 5-Oct-18 10:58am View
Why you need the loop? =>
while @errorstat = 0

Why You need to call with that parameter?

If you have no problems in this code you endlessly run this SP!
You keep ALTER TABLE you Column?

Your code makes no sense to me
Herman<T>.Instance 5-Oct-18 10:51am View
What do you expect from us with NO information?
Herman<T>.Instance 5-Oct-18 10:46am View
You only googled for a solution? I would debug code in VS and SP in SSMS
Herman<T>.Instance 4-Oct-18 3:55am View
Before rebinding you can iterate the GridViewRows of the GridView and check for each checkbox by using the GridViewRow.FindControl() methods.
Herman<T>.Instance 4-Oct-18 3:46am View
Your table has less than 35 rows. That is what is is telling you.
Herman<T>.Instance 28-Sep-18 6:28am View
perimeter is a double type variable and not a method
Herman<T>.Instance 25-Sep-18 4:33am View
Unable to understand problem....
Herman<T>.Instance 25-Sep-18 3:29am View
First: What is the question?
Second:what is the real problem? We cannot read your mind.
Herman<T>.Instance 21-Sep-18 10:56am View
DB user issue?
Herman<T>.Instance 19-Sep-18 6:37am View
Seems he is trying to connect to a database before it is being created?
Herman<T>.Instance 18-Sep-18 8:51am View
2 virtual machines on your hardware?
Herman<T>.Instance 18-Sep-18 8:51am View
You can use TRY CATCH in SQL Server. In the BEGIN CATCH you can find out where the SP went wrong.
Herman<T>.Instance 18-Sep-18 3:37am View
If you are LOOKING for code, then better use Google. We provide solutions to problems, not code!
Herman<T>.Instance 18-Sep-18 3:36am View
And the question is ?
Herman<T>.Instance 14-Sep-18 4:54am View
Is this homework?
Herman<T>.Instance 4-Sep-18 8:41am View
What database server are you using?

INSERT INTO Table1 (col1, col2) VALUES (x,y)

More help needed?
Herman<T>.Instance 4-Sep-18 3:26am View
datacolum for datetime oftype(string). I wonder why you cannot get it working...
Herman<T>.Instance 4-Sep-18 3:18am View
is Google banned in your country?
Herman<T>.Instance 31-Aug-18 7:30am View
Sue the system owner for neglect!
Herman<T>.Instance 31-Aug-18 7:28am View
more than 1 row and no iteration over your row collection. That's your next Google search
Herman<T>.Instance 31-Aug-18 7:27am View
Since you changed your question it is now clear what your problem is. You are trying to set a unique ID in a table in the database. Set the ID field als Identity field. Than the DB will pass unique ID's and your ASP.NET does not have to do obscure things.
Herman<T>.Instance 31-Aug-18 6:47am View
What do you mean by deleting? You are calling a function!

you can find that rowcount value in system tables:
select, p.rows from sys.tables as t
JOIN sys.partitions AS p
ON t.[object_id] = p.[object_id]
WHERE = '<your table name here>'
Herman<T>.Instance 30-Aug-18 6:24am View
I asked does not should.....
Herman<T>.Instance 29-Aug-18 5:18am View
Both Except and Intersect are powerful and valuable LINQ methods.
Herman<T>.Instance 29-Aug-18 4:21am View
and what does "param-name" give as result?
Herman<T>.Instance 27-Aug-18 3:41am View
<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="150000"/>

in <system.web>
Herman<T>.Instance 24-Aug-18 7:26am View
It is dangerous just to click any URL.....
Herman<T>.Instance 24-Aug-18 3:16am View
this is another problem than you have in this thread.
What is the value of quizId? Have you debugged?
You should better investigate what your problem is in stead of asking everything.
Did you Google?
Herman<T>.Instance 24-Aug-18 2:58am View
what error?
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Aug-18 9:53am View
read this.
It is about the definiton for PRIMARY KEY.

One exception to the typelessness of SQLite is a column whose type is INTEGER PRIMARY KEY. (And you must use "INTEGER" not "INT". A column of type INT PRIMARY KEY is typeless just like any other.) INTEGER PRIMARY KEY columns must contain a 32-bit signed integer. Any attempt to insert non-integer data will result in an error.

INTEGER PRIMARY KEY columns can be used to implement the equivalent of AUTOINCREMENT. If you try to insert a NULL into an INTEGER PRIMARY KEY column, the column will actually be filled with an integer that is one greater than the largest key already in the table. Or if the largest key is 2147483647, then the column will be filled with a random integer. Either way, the INTEGER PRIMARY KEY column will be assigned a unique integer. You can retrieve this integer using the sqlite_last_insert_rowid() API function or using the last_insert_rowid() SQL function in a subsequent SELECT statement.
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Aug-18 7:57am View
/* add */
float: right;
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Aug-18 7:53am View
the table is in your SqlLite3 db. There you have to make the field PK and AutoIncrement/Identity not in your source code
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Aug-18 6:33am View
Are the correct userrights set for IIS and the folders?
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Aug-18 6:32am View
We do not provide 'the code', only solutions to a problem.
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Aug-18 5:45am View
the definition will be in the create table script where you state:
field [datatype] [not] null ..
Which datatypes are fields 1 and 2 and is field 3 nullable?
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Aug-18 4:52am View
and what is the field definition of field 3? Can the field hold NULL values?
What are the field definitions for field 1 and 2. Does that match?
Herman<T>.Instance 23-Aug-18 3:04am View
If a table has 2 fields ('and i want to store the result on third table=music_result(username,meaning)') what is the purpose of the NULL field (3rd field) in your query?
Herman<T>.Instance 22-Aug-18 11:13am View
Herman<T>.Instance 22-Aug-18 7:27am View
T-SQL WHERE Clause has AND option!
Herman<T>.Instance 22-Aug-18 7:26am View
c#? or is this AJAX ControlToolkit?
Herman<T>.Instance 22-Aug-18 7:23am View
that might be ver important to improve the query.

Why you use DISTINCT. it is an acronym for That Stinks. How do you know which record you get returned? Are you aware of the ROW_NUMBER() function in Sql Server?
By setting the correct partition and order by you can always ask for the one row desired.

In your query: CONVERT(VARCHAR(MAX),CMCD.UpdatedDateTime,113) AS [UDVal]
VARCHAR(MAX) for approx 30 chars? that is costly!
Herman<T>.Instance 21-Aug-18 9:54am View
C#-> FtpRequest (search on MSDN)
Herman<T>.Instance 20-Aug-18 10:35am View
SET Avail_seats = CASE WHEN Avail_Seats > 0 THEN Avail_Seats-1 else 0 END
WHERE Course_Name = $Course_Name
Herman<T>.Instance 20-Aug-18 8:35am View
The pint is that despite the use of a dataannotaion in EF the field was updated by query generated by EF6. I have set the column to Computed. No EF6 doesn't toch my column anymore.
Herman<T>.Instance 17-Aug-18 5:17am View
Do you have any exceptions logged? Timeout for example?
Herman<T>.Instance 16-Aug-18 3:46am View
Have you tried a TemplateField with a HeaderTemplate with a Label in it in stead of the BoundField? In code behind you could 'FindControl' the Label and set the sup in the text.
Herman<T>.Instance 15-Aug-18 9:29am View
indeed a mix up of variables to use and good logic
Herman<T>.Instance 15-Aug-18 8:47am View
WHILE @Counter = @Numgen ...... WHILE @Counter < @Numgen ??

SET @Counter = 1000 ???

What are you trying?
Herman<T>.Instance 15-Aug-18 6:35am View
why didn't you debug?
Herman<T>.Instance 4-Jul-18 3:37am View
svc is not a windows service but a service in IIS. Maybe that is why you cannot connect?
Herman<T>.Instance 26-Jun-18 10:30am View
The problem was that I used ConcurrentBag in my WCF. Changing to a List<> object solved the problem. DataGridView cannot show data from ConcurrentBAG<> objects I suppose.
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see the quotes in my example:
SET @TableName = 'dbo.New_Table_'+ [@Group]
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See here.
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why check on $.fn.DataTable.isDataTable($tbl_zgs)?
tblZgs = null; you stated!
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Does it work now?
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What should this part do?
select Column_1, Column_2
into New_Table_@Group
from Existing_Table where Column_3 = @Group;

trying to put data in a table without any columns?
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put [] around @Group It is a Variable
SET @TableName = 'dbo.New_Table_'+ [@Group]

DROP TABLE [@TableName]
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Has the exception innerexceptions?
Is the path relative or absolute and is it correct?
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elevated rights?
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How is your GridView control in the ASPX file set up.
Are you using DataKeynames for your customerId?
Try catch for any error?
What is the ID of the TextBox that holds the customerID?
What is the ID of the TextBox that holds the CustomerName?
Have you set the EditIndex and the SelectedIndex when setting the GridView in the RowEditing event?

Questions end with an ? So maybe modify your question
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And why it does not work?
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No one knows how to prevent the submenu is only partial visible?
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That is when you set GridView.EditIndex to the rownumber where the TextBox should appear