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Pablo Aliskevicius 8-Oct-15 2:20am View    
Typically, in the class that receives the message that was posted. It may handle the message by converting the raw pointer to a CString or CStringW, passing it to the business logic API that required it in the first place, and deleting it.
Pablo Aliskevicius 3-Mar-15 8:33am View    
What happens if you enclose your DataList in a div with a max width?
See here:
Pablo Aliskevicius 1-Jan-15 4:43am View    
Take a look at this:
Pablo Aliskevicius 5-Aug-14 10:30am View    
If you script the restore, and run it from a query window, after the '100%' message, you'll see a list of messages like 'upgrading to version X.Y.Z'. This is what takes most of the time.
I hope by now your restore is finished,
Pablo Aliskevicius 12-May-14 7:57am View    
Also, factory pattern.