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Comments by Nissim Salomon (Top 11 by date)

Nissim Salomon 8-Sep-13 4:20am View    
Try saving the Image to the disk before Invoke code.
Nissim Salomon 5-Sep-13 1:58am View    
Hi can you be more specific ? what part of the task you don't know how to do ?
Nissim Salomon 4-Sep-13 9:46am View    
I didn't try it but i think it does basically its a tool that exist in the market for quiet a lot. the first version was for a java framework and imported into .net
Nissim Salomon 3-Sep-13 3:34am View    
Hi, can you reproduce the problem using a simple application ? in case you do please post the code and the table structure and i will try to debug it
Nissim Salomon 3-Sep-13 3:26am View    
Hi, MSSQL expose a variety set of views called INFOMATION_SCHEMA you can used the INFOMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS in order to retrieve the column data