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Saurabh_Saxena 7-Apr-17 0:37am View    
Hi Ryan,

I was using this guid to access boot manager however in some customer place i found this particular id is not there. Although OS and version also same bootmgr id was different. To reproduce this issue i have tried multiple options but in vein.
Saurabh_Saxena 14-Mar-11 15:53pm View    
HI SAKryukov,

These discussion already taken place,but i dont find any solution for the same. It seems microsoft is already aware of the same.Please check the URL, .

To reproduce the problem just follow following steps

1. Create one project as class-library (say 'DemoClassLibrary').
2. Add the class (say 'classDemo') in this project, add any string property
3. Create another prject as windows based application
4. Add the reference of class-library ('DemoClassLibrary') project in windows based application
5. Create Instance of 'classDemo' class in windows based application and assign some value to string property
6.Run the application
7. Use VMMap( and select the process, you will find that class-library dll is mapped twice in virtual space

Please let me know if you still find any difficulty or pass me your mail-id i can send the sample application across.

-Saurabh Saxena
Saurabh_Saxena 14-Mar-11 8:53am View    
Alright i think i have to correct this question a bit :). Yes the application load alot of assemblies statically since its one of the huge product. Well, just create one very simple winodws application which has one textbox and button. You will notice all the assemblies mapped in to process area are twice.