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Comments by Dewald (Top 4 by date)

Dewald 13-May-11 6:56am View    
Thanks, and yes, I'm still getting used to the new look and feel of CP.
Dewald 13-May-11 4:42am View    
Yes, you did understand correctly. Basically I created a MenuStrip (with event handlers) using the Designer. I also created a ToolStrip using the Designer but I wanted to add drop down items to one of the ToolStripButtons (a ToolStripDropDownButton to be more specific) programatically based on the drop down items I had added to the ToolstripMenuItem in the Designer.
Dewald 13-May-11 4:13am View    
Thanks, that is what I had in mind. I've since found another solution which I will post below but I think yours is better.
Dewald 13-May-11 4:12am View    
Goodness, thanks. I'm wondering if your assumption that you and I are not fools might be only 50% because, after reading your response, I actually do feel a bit foolish ;-)

It sounds good but it seems way more complicated than I expected a solution to this simple problem to be. I haven't tested it as I have found another solution since, which I will post below, but thanks for the info anyway. Even if I don't use it, it certainly provides some interesting reading.