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Comments by Praveen Raghuvanshi (Top 21 by date)

Praveen Raghuvanshi 14-Jun-19 9:04am View    
Thanks @OriginalGriff for the feedback. Basically, we are looking for appropriate hardware for the requirement mentioned. It would be great if someone could suggest best IoT device and vibration sensor. Other things we'll take care.
Praveen Raghuvanshi 3-May-19 23:17pm View    
Thank you Hoota for analyzing the problem and suggesting the solution. I am new to the field of Machine Learning and wanted to apply it my domain for making the application smarter. The problem is not about the router's but devices connected on a network within a venue. I could provide some more details to the actual system.

Consider a venue where you have lot of devices. Each device has parameters such as Name, IP address, Mac Address, Manufacturer, Model, Location etc. A system integrator will be installing these devices over the venue and assigning parameters such as Name, IP address, Location. While setting things up, he/she may develop an intuition of stable areas(location) and start installing devices to such places instead of deploying it to less stable area. Stability could be determined through network strength, environment conditions(Weather) etc. I am just thinking of prediting these stable areas through Machine learning that will help system integrator reduce time in determing stable area and therby improving efficiency.

Is this problem statement valid ?
Can we solve it through Machine learning?
Are we missing on parameters/need more parameters?

Praveen Raghuvanshi 26-Mar-19 5:25am View    
Thanks Gerry for response. Can you elaborate on 'no relation to test data(location)'? Also, can we use some other feature in order to make it more meaningful? An anology/link would be great.
Praveen Raghuvanshi 17-Dec-15 2:58am View    
Any error you are getting.
check this
Praveen Raghuvanshi 7-Jul-15 7:03am View    
What is the error reported in the debug window of browser?