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Comments by Michael_Davies (Top 200 by date)

Michael_Davies 4-Dec-22 9:17am View    
Looking at MS documentation they recommend not using SMTPClient but Mailkit instead, for reasons of security (looks like I'll have to update my old app.).
Michael_Davies 4-Dec-22 8:12am View    
What is the error message, add a Try Catch around the send and catch the error message.

I have similar code using Gmail, apart from actual values, the only extra I add is the SMTPClient Delivery method set to Network but not likely to be a problem.
Michael_Davies 19-Nov-22 9:21am View    
sorry...meant 12 12 ... remmebering I said "IF n was 21", obviously not 21 as it is the index in the loop so will be 0 at the end...
Michael_Davies 19-Nov-22 8:11am View    
printf("The reverse of %d is %d",n , n , reverse);

Three parameters only two %d... so if n was 21 and reverse was 12 it would print 21 21.