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Comments by Freak30 (Top 10 by date)

Freak30 11-Dec-13 6:28am View    
If you Split the file content by '.', I doubt you will find a text including the '.' in any of the array rows.
Freak30 9-Dec-13 7:30am View    
With this you would force the search strings to be in a particular order and nothing befor or after them. To match the behavior of a search engine the the resulting query should be more like:
SELECT * FROM sometable where somecolumn like %param1%
AND somecolumn like %param2%;
with an additional and for every additional string to search for.
Freak30 4-Dec-13 3:24am View    
It seems you don't set or declare the variable Username anywhere. Is this a member variable that is still set to some default value?
Freak30 26-Nov-13 6:58am View    
Have you checked which user the process runs under? If this is a web application, the chances are quite high that it is not your local windows user but something generic.
Freak30 18-Nov-13 7:41am View    
You would obviously call malloc(sizeof(YourStruct) * numberOfElements);
The sizeof() does the padding for you.