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Comments by Aescleal (Top 200 by date)

Aescleal 11-Apr-16 7:35am View    
Have a 5 but your results make me wonder where the questioner got his original Java timing of 76ms from...
Aescleal 11-Apr-16 6:13am View    
From the unfocussed nature of the question I'd ask for your money back...
Aescleal 14-Mar-16 13:17pm View    
Your solution doesn't look like C...
Aescleal 2-Mar-16 8:20am View    
The 1990s called, they'd like their code back.

Seriously, take it outside and shoot it. Then burn the book you abstracted it from.
Aescleal 25-Feb-16 13:38pm View    
It sounds like you've got a more severe error. OnDraw will only be called if a WM_PAINT is received by the window. Check that your code is not doing something brain damaged like calling OnDraw manually anywhere as that'll just end in tears.