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Dr.Walt Fair, PE 21-Feb-18 12:13pm View
Are you restricted to integers? Howmany bytes?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 28-Sep-12 22:18pm View
Have a +4 back at ya! He could also use a Tab control or lots of other ways to arrange things.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 4-Sep-12 12:31pm View
Possibly. In some cases I've run into, the minimum size is too big. What would really be needed is to shrink the fonts, etc. as well as the edges of the controls. That's not so easy and I don't have a good solution.

If setting a minimum size works for your case, that's certainly easy!
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 15-May-12 19:28pm View
Is this homework?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 14-May-12 21:19pm View
Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension is what I use. +5
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 2-May-12 20:52pm View
The first non-advertisement link in my results!
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 23-Apr-12 22:35pm View
So, is the algorithm as follows? {1000*a, 100*b, 20*c, d} where a = N div 1000, b = (N - 1000*a) div 100, c = (N - 1000*a - b*100) div 20, d = N mod 20, where div represents an integer division and mod is the modulus operator.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 23-Apr-12 22:18pm View
So what algorithm is used to determine that 1020 -> 1000, 0, 20 while 1019 -> 1000, 0, 0, 19? I don't see any easily inferred pattern there.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 23-Apr-12 22:01pm View
I thought you were separating digits by powers of ten until I saw your 3rd, 6th and 7th examples. If you can you explain the logic behind those, the algorithm should be straight forward and coding will then follow.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 9-Apr-12 19:11pm View
What algorithm or formula do you need to apply to get the new M*N x M*N matrix from the old A[M*N]? If you don't require any particular formula, there are a multitude of ways to do that, the easiest being to just create an M*N x M*N dimensioned array and fill it with something like 0.

However, I suspect that's not what you meant, so you need to clarify what formula needs to be used.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 6-Apr-12 18:13pm View
Well, it appears that perhaps your SMTP server isn't connecting because it requires a secure connection or it's not correctly authenticating.

So, what type of connection are you using and how is the authentication handled?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 6-Apr-12 18:08pm View
I'm curious. How can you be a .NET developer if you don't already know most of those things before the interview and can't find the answers on your own?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 22-Mar-12 18:02pm View
No need to get violent over a school project. No one helped me with mine. In fact getting someone else to do your work for you would be considered unethical here. Shame on you.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 1-Mar-12 13:55pm View
Where was CP when I was doing school projects? I had to choose my own projects, my own Masters Thesis, and now my own Doctoral Dissertation. Bummer.

You forgot the most important issue: Will the school, university, professor, etc. accept the choice of project?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 29-Feb-12 15:01pm View
Multidimensional arrays work fine. He just forgot to initialize the List<int>.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 29-Feb-12 15:00pm View
Multiple dimension array s are fine in C#. Please don't give wrong information.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 28-Feb-12 12:21pm View
Primeramente aquí usamos inglés. Segundo, lo que parece urgente para ti, no es para la mayoría aquí. Somos profesionales y trabajamos. Si quieres que alguien escribe un programa, debes buscarles en sitios donde contratan para pago. Tercero, Netbeans no es un lenguage, es un "framework" de Java. Si no entiendes esa diferencia, vas a tener problemas.

Y finalmente, este parece como tarea de escuela. Ya he hecho todo mi tarea y recibí notas buenas.

[First, here we use English. Second, what seems urgent to you, isn't for the majority here. We are professionals and work for a living. If you want someone to write a program, you should look for them on a contractor site where you can pay them. Thirdly, Netbeans is not a language, but a framework for Java. If you don't understand the difference, you'll have big problems.

Finally, this sounds like homework and I already did all my homework and got passing grades.]
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 16-Feb-12 14:28pm View
Probably so, however, that is no trivial task!
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 16-Feb-12 13:40pm View
It's not very clear to me what the problem is. Can you just do a linear interpolation between values or is there something else to consider?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 15-Feb-12 23:20pm View
Fixed formatting.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 13-Feb-12 16:59pm View
OK, that would be some sort of encryption. Do you need high security or can some sort of simple bit rotation work?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 13-Feb-12 15:33pm View
What are you trying to accomplish? Base64 can only encode 64 unique characters, no matter how many you wish it to encode. If you need more, you need to use something else or just don't encode. So that gets back to the question: What are you trying to accomplish?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 11-Feb-12 0:19am View
Is your school project on writing code or on using CodeProject?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 11-Feb-12 0:18am View
What have you tried so far and where is it giving you problems?

(My grandfather used to say: "You can want in one hand and sh*t in the other hand and see which one fills up first.")
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 15-Jan-12 0:58am View
Isn't the equation for velocity just = 1 + x? What's the problem?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 19-Nov-11 10:09am View
Yes, that's what I recommend, also.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 19-Nov-11 10:09am View
That's odd. I just checked on my articles and it does go through everything. Perhaps that's only after you've submitted it or have enough reputation points?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 18-Nov-11 23:45pm View
Is there any particular error code it is giving? On which line of code?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 4-Nov-11 15:10pm View
Fixed code formatting.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 2-Nov-11 13:39pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
I've done something similar in some of my projects with massive amounts of data loading that needs to be responsive. Thanks for posting this.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 29-Oct-11 10:51am View
I don't see a link here.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 16-Oct-11 12:22pm View
Reason for my vote of 4
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 2-Oct-11 18:53pm View
Your results varying the order of the loops are interesting. I would not have guessed the order made much difference. How do you explain the difference? Is it due to compiler optimizations?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 2-Oct-11 18:42pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks. I didn't know that.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 27-Sep-11 22:40pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 26-Sep-11 19:25pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Fantastic! I can see some good nefarious uses for this!
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 18-Sep-11 0:34am View
Congratulations on finishing college and getting a job!
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 17-Sep-11 0:28am View
This isn't an alternative. Please post it as a comment instead.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 17-Sep-11 0:13am View
Fixed formatting
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 17-Sep-11 0:11am View
Please ask a question?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 17-Sep-11 0:08am View
Is the position of the commas determined by regional settings? What do the commas indicate in the first and second numbers?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 17-Sep-11 0:04am View
Can you access the linux computer over a network? Can you even see the file system from Windows?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 17-Sep-11 0:02am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Nice reference
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 15-Sep-11 13:42pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
It should be obvious, but as you mention, sometimes it's nice to get a reminder.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 14-Sep-11 10:21am View
Good answer.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 14-Sep-11 10:21am View
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 13-Sep-11 23:57pm View
What have you tried so far?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 13-Sep-11 22:18pm View
Or also just type "" into your browser URL. Easy to remember.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 13-Sep-11 22:09pm View
Do you really mean "sorting" or do you mean "filtering"? Or some combination?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 13-Sep-11 22:06pm View
Well stated.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 12-Sep-11 23:40pm View
Normally an array has as many dimensions as you define. If you want more than 1 or 2, then just DIM more than 1 or 2 dimensions.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 12-Sep-11 23:36pm View
What is the hosting situation? Are there any hosting constraints?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 11-Sep-11 21:06pm View
Interesting application of BitArray.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 11-Sep-11 0:22am View
Please explain what you are trying to do. Do you want all the dates in your database to be incremented? Just some of them? By 1 week, 1 month, 1 year?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 11-Sep-11 0:21am View
Removed email address. Please don't post your email, no one is going to send you a solution. They will post here and you can check back.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 7-Sep-11 23:12pm View
No, I don't have any code, but the links there should offer some guidance.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 7-Sep-11 22:40pm View
Are you asking about OCR or do you already have the text?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 7-Sep-11 22:33pm View
I removed your email address. Please don't post your email address. People will respond here, so you'll need to check back or the system will notify you when someone replies.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 7-Sep-11 21:04pm View
How are you saving the simulation results? How are you controlling the 10,000 realizations?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 7-Sep-11 21:03pm View
How are you putting the button on the cell. That may be the key to capturing its click event.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 7-Sep-11 18:38pm View
Wow, I didn't know that! Have a 5.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 7-Sep-11 18:36pm View
Losing the licenses sucks!
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 5-Sep-11 18:12pm View
This isn't an alternative.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 5-Sep-11 17:13pm View
There is a Matlab implementation on the page you linked to. Why don't you just translate it to C#?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 5-Sep-11 17:11pm View
Fixed format and link.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 5-Sep-11 17:09pm View
What have you tried so far?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 5-Sep-11 14:15pm View
Your question isn't very clear. Do you want to configure Windows to open the file with your application? Or are you trying to do something inside your application?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 5-Sep-11 14:11pm View
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 3-Sep-11 23:49pm View
Fixed formatting.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 3-Sep-11 20:45pm View
Yes, that's true. If it's a real simple project, using the Publish might be the easiest.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 3-Sep-11 17:19pm View
Do you just want to make the EXE or create a distribution, like MSI?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 2-Sep-11 23:46pm View
Fixed code formatting.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 2-Sep-11 23:41pm View
Do you have a set of specifications?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 2-Sep-11 23:38pm View
I suggest you start with the 1st error and post the code and error message. Once you figure that one out, then go to the next, etc.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 2-Sep-11 23:36pm View
So, how do you do that? Or is that your have a question?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 1-Sep-11 23:57pm View
Are you having trouble passing a parameter, or creating the form, or something else? I'd guess that the GPS location (lat and long) is the current location.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 1-Sep-11 23:54pm View
Are you asking what project to try next?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 1-Sep-11 23:53pm View
I'm not going to download the file, but is this in WinForms or a web app?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 31-Aug-11 14:40pm View
Now that's funny!
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 31-Aug-11 14:31pm View
Nice code, Luc.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 31-Aug-11 14:29pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 31-Aug-11 14:27pm View
Interesting story.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 31-Aug-11 14:23pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks for the reminder.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 31-Aug-11 14:23pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Good one! I didn't know that.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 29-Aug-11 19:51pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks, John.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 29-Aug-11 19:50pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 29-Aug-11 14:10pm View
Are you wanting a standalone program or a control? Can you use SQL?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 29-Aug-11 13:44pm View
What is the issue with what you have specified above?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 28-Aug-11 14:25pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 27-Aug-11 22:37pm View
Since str is an array of strings, do you mean "2, "3", and "4"?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 27-Aug-11 22:33pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Wow, I'll bet that was hard to track down.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 27-Aug-11 22:27pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
You've done nothing more that restate
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 25-Aug-11 23:22pm View
Is there a particular java chat program you are referring to?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 25-Aug-11 23:13pm View
Does it give any error message? What are the values of the rs.Open parameters for those 2 users?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 25-Aug-11 23:11pm View
I'm just curious, but are you targeting an OS that doesn't have any framework or virtual machine installed?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 25-Aug-11 15:40pm View
Can we refill on beer before filling the pots?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 23-Aug-11 12:03pm View
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 23-Aug-11 11:59am View
Hmmm. Interesting.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 22-Aug-11 23:13pm View
Excellent, Pete. I've done something similar in the past, but your is more elegant.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 22-Aug-11 18:48pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Nice and sneaky.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 22-Aug-11 12:25pm View
Have you thought about using a different version of Linux that doesn't give you those problems?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 22-Aug-11 12:22pm View
Do you actually have the source or do you want to disassemble it?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 22-Aug-11 12:20pm View
What is the value of x.Trailer_URL?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 22-Aug-11 12:18pm View
Good hint. Thanks.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 22-Aug-11 12:06pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks! I learned something useful today!
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 21-Aug-11 23:48pm View
Are the buttons linked tot he DB or do you need to do it programmatically?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 21-Aug-11 23:47pm View
Do you mean Google Maps or some other package?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 21-Aug-11 23:44pm View
Are either of the forms sized dynamically? If not, just change the size of the forms in the designer. We need to know what problem you are having.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 21-Aug-11 23:35pm View
As mentioned, please clarify what it is you are trying to do and what you have help with. Letters not extending past the textbox and not being shrunk is normal behavior.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 21-Aug-11 23:32pm View
Yes, good answer.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 20-Aug-11 21:26pm View
Since the problem is in creating the INSERT query, please show the code for creating the INSERT query.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 20-Aug-11 21:20pm View
What values does your TrackBar give? How would the brightness decrease?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 19-Aug-11 20:55pm View
I clarified some of the translation, but I don't know what problem you are trying to solve.

(En este foro se usa inglés. Si necesita ayuda con traducción, contactame directamente y intentaré a ayudar.)
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 19-Aug-11 16:17pm View
Where is it giving you the error? It looks to me like you are trying to access a Row before you've added one to the Rows collection.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 18-Aug-11 17:41pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Great, I learned something useful today!
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 17-Aug-11 21:43pm View
You still haven't given enough information to figure out what it is you are having trouble with. Please explain what algorithm you need to use to segment the finger print, what format the image is in, and how you calculate the variance.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 16-Aug-11 22:33pm View
It sounds like you need to have a forceful heart-to-heart discussion with your partner ...
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 16-Aug-11 22:23pm View
Good checklist.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 15-Aug-11 21:20pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Great! I've need something like that a few times.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 15-Aug-11 21:20pm View
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 15-Aug-11 19:24pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Wow, that is a subtle problem. Thanks.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 15-Aug-11 19:16pm View
What exactly are you doing and how is your server set up? The script works as is for me using XAMPP on Windows.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 15-Aug-11 18:47pm View
Yes, the dialog will affect only the active application and I can say from experience that disabling the entire desktop is just asking for problems!
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 15-Aug-11 18:46pm View
Yes, disabling the whole desktop will create problems in the long run, but I'll never tell how I know. :) Hiding is one option, but if anything goes wrong, you could have a hidden form and no way to do anything about it.

I suppose it depends on what could go wrong in the OP's particular case, but I'd probably opt for using a dialog rather than a plain form.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 15-Aug-11 18:41pm View
By way of explanation for the OP, in case that nothing is selected, there is no return value, hence the message.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 13-Aug-11 12:09pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Good tip, thanks.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 13-Aug-11 12:04pm View
What problem is it giving you?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 12-Aug-11 0:00am View
Please show the section of code that actually has txtEmployeeID in it. Where is it supposedly defined?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 11-Aug-11 23:59pm View
Do you want to pack the image data into a string? If so, see below. If you have an image of some text and need to convert the text image to a string, that's a lot harder and you'd need to use some OCR.

Which is your case?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 11-Aug-11 15:57pm View
I'm going to assume you are not asking someone to write or design your program for you, so what have you tried so far and where are you getting stuck?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 11-Aug-11 15:45pm View
I agree this should be a comment and not an alternate solution.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 10-Aug-11 14:05pm View
You might get a better/faster answer if you post your question in the article's Forum.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 10-Aug-11 14:03pm View
I think the answer is Liquid Nitrogen.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 10-Aug-11 0:38am View
Try this solution:
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 10-Aug-11 0:04am View
Fixed formatting.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 9-Aug-11 15:37pm View
Thanks! That problem bit me, too.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 8-Aug-11 21:01pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks. I hadn't thought of doing that, but it appears to be simple and easy.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 8-Aug-11 21:00pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks. I hadn't thought of doing that, but it appears to be simple and easy.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 7-Aug-11 23:38pm View
Did you try Google? A search for "lan cactus intrusion detection" comes up with a lot of hits, but I have no idea if they include what you are looking for. How have you searched so far?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 7-Aug-11 23:34pm View
This appears to be in response to an article, but I have no idea which one. You'd have a better chance of getting a reply from the author if you put your question in the Forum at the end of the article.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 7-Aug-11 18:50pm View
Lots of people can probably create the site you want, but you'll need to come up with the requirements. Otherwise how would anyone know if they doping what you need? If you are looking to hire someone to do this, there are other sites for that.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 7-Aug-11 12:56pm View
So, what exactly is the question?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 7-Aug-11 12:54pm View
Are you just trying to translate column names from Excel to the DB or is something more involved?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 5-Aug-11 19:58pm View
What constraints do you have? Must the numbers not repeat? Do you need all of the combinations or just one at random?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 5-Aug-11 17:27pm View
It takes balls, naivete or stupidity to ask for illegal cracked code on a forum for programmers who make money by writing code legally!
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 5-Aug-11 13:38pm View
Is there a problem with using the normal one in C#?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 5-Aug-11 13:24pm View
Start with a specification for your data, then write code to ensure that the data fits the specification. Iterate.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 5-Aug-11 13:22pm View
This is really basic. What have you tried? What isn't working as expected?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 5-Aug-11 0:30am View
It really sucks when you wait until the last week to decide what major project you're going to work on, doesn't it?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 5-Aug-11 0:26am View
Fixed formatting
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 5-Aug-11 0:24am View
Have you tried anything yet? If so what was the result?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 5-Aug-11 0:21am View
Every call to the service will affect performance! It sounds like you need to think through your needs and come up with some parameters to design by.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 5-Aug-11 0:18am View
What have you tried?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 4-Aug-11 21:00pm View
So what have you tried? What's the question?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 4-Aug-11 20:58pm View
What are you talking about? This 4GT or another?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 4-Aug-11 20:54pm View
If you create a setup project, just add the files and directories you need. When the program is installed, the directories will be created and files placed in them.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 4-Aug-11 10:19am View
You'd have a better chance of reaching "Daniel" if you post your comment in the forum for his article rather than here.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 3-Aug-11 17:58pm View
Do you understand C# syntax? Using a logical OR operator is really basic.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 3-Aug-11 17:51pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
As others have noted, this information is incorrect!
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 2-Aug-11 22:53pm View
A string potentially uses more storage, etc. Whether it is a problem or not depends on what you are going to do with the value. Personally I've usually used booleans for yes/no fields wherever possible to avoid confusion.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 2-Aug-11 19:16pm View
Fixed code formatting.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 2-Aug-11 12:28pm View
What are your column definitions? It sounds like you're mixing 'COMPLAINT' with numeric codes?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 2-Aug-11 12:24pm View
So what's the question? Or is that an answer and we guess the question?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 2-Aug-11 12:22pm View
I don't see a question here, so I have no idea what you might be asking.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 2-Aug-11 0:48am View
Reason for my vote of 5
I agree, except "cluster is 2 syllables, but the following word is only 1.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 2-Aug-11 0:37am View
Yes, you're right. I glanced quickly and didn't realize that his words didn't match with the results he showed. To group as he shows means that name and cod are redundant. I'd normalize the table and then just group by either name or cod.

At any rate, I gave you a 5 to offset the downvote.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 2-Aug-11 0:22am View
Not sure why you got downvoted, except maybe you included "name" in the GROUP BY.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 2-Aug-11 0:17am View
Agreed. What do you mean by "tab button"? I've not noticed a problem with Windows Forms, so please post an example to show what you mean.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 30-Jul-11 22:56pm View
Thank you.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 30-Jul-11 22:55pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Interesting solution. Thanks.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 30-Jul-11 22:52pm View
You might want to mention why it's faster and what you compared it to.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 19-Jul-11 11:55am View
Well, I think there's much to do about nothing. I said I would consider using a check box, etc., but not that I would demand it. If not meeting the requirements means he won't get paid, then I fully understand.

I can control my own code, but not others, so I figure that if they've been advised, then it's up to them to decide what makes more sense in their situation.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 19-Jul-11 0:01am View
So, what's the question?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 18-Jul-11 23:22pm View
Yes, that's what I would do. Simple and no validation needed.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 18-Jul-11 22:42pm View
You beat me to it! Content is an object, so the comparison is between a string on the right and an object reference on the left. The cure is to get the string from the object, just as the warning says, but I'd probably use Content.ToString() since it clearly shows what is being done.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 17-Jul-11 12:13pm View
Yes, thanks for the reminder.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 17-Jul-11 11:28am View
What exact program statements did you use. There is no property called "visibility". There is "Visible", but it may require a Refresh() to take affect.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 17-Jul-11 1:43am View
Aside from what I assume are typos, that function should work. What language are you using and exactly what lines of code?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 17-Jul-11 1:41am View
Fixed formatting.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 16-Jul-11 23:50pm View
Please explain what you mean. By definition a Stack is ordered by first in last out. Do you want a random access storage or what?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 16-Jul-11 23:47pm View
So exactly what problem are you having? However I question the approach of trying to draw the signature with line segments embedded in a string.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 16-Jul-11 23:45pm View
Removed email. Please don't post your email address here. People will reply here if they can help.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 16-Jul-11 23:43pm View
Any hints as to what the problem was?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 16-Jul-11 18:36pm View
Fixed formatting.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 16-Jul-11 18:36pm View
Can you clarify? It may depend on whether or not the computer is under Windows. I'm not sure what happens if it's by the door, unless there's Windows nearby.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 15-Jul-11 18:50pm View
Your code is doing just what it should be doing. Why did you expect something different?
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 15-Jul-11 17:42pm View
Fixed the code formatting due to a misplaced </pre> tag.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 15-Jul-11 13:41pm View
Actually it has everything to do with your problem, since you need to make a custom cell if you want to put a date time picker in the cell itself.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 15-Jul-11 13:14pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks! Another example of how we computer people can complicate a simple concept!
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Fixed the <pre> blocks
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Like CG mentioned, you need to initialize the objects. Declaring an array of objects just reserves space for the pointers to the objects and you need to actually create each object.

For example, insert obj(0) = New student before obj(0).SetID, etc.
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Reason for my vote of 2
This is just a code dump, not an article.
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What specific problems are you having with Oracle, DB2, etc? I doubt anyone will just up and give you code.
Dr.Walt Fair, PE 12-Jul-11 22:40pm View
Is the error when reading from the DB and displaying or when trying to save back to the DB?
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While your tip will find weekdays, it doesn't account for holidays or other working arrangements. Frankly I don't know how to do that in general, since holidays and work schedules vary from location to location even within a company. I'm just pointing this out because failure to account for holidays, strange work weeks, long weekends and other work schedules can certainly impact the bottom line as well as any project schedule, if that's what you are trying to compute.

I would change the name to finding "weekdays" rather than "working days".
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No, I'm not going to write your program for you, but what I would do unless there's an overriding reason not to, is in your Shell command call the program with a parameter, like "myprogram.exe myparameter". Then in "myprogram", examine the commandline parameters to see if "myparameter" was specified by examining the "Command" string in your code. The VB documentation should help you find information on the "Command" string.
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Whenever you set the value, if it is negative, set the FontColor for one or the all the Cells in the Row to Red, otherwise, set them to some other color. When you set the value, you should know which row it's going into, so just change the color of that row.
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Wow, a 1 vote with no reason. If it wasn't a good answer, someone could at least point the OP in the right direction.
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Have a 5. Thanks for the info. Why didn't you post those before I figured out how to do it? (Where is the :laugh: icon?)
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I put some tags in to make your code more readable.