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Comments by Baji Jabbar (Top 84 by date)

Baji Jabbar 8-Nov-12 6:00am View    
Good call!
Baji Jabbar 5-Nov-12 6:03am View    
So it works ! What error you are getting, Did you tried debugging it. From where is the error thrown?
Baji Jabbar 5-Nov-12 5:56am View    
Remove your codes from init block , try SelecteValue or SelecteItem.Value. Hope this works , still I don't know why you need that code in Page_Init.
Baji Jabbar 5-Nov-12 5:35am View    
that happens when you use static variable. Did you tried my solution. It will work if you are not loosing the radiobutton state. Try it ( if not ) and give feedback on that.
Baji Jabbar 5-Nov-12 5:32am View     CRLF
I replied to your original comment. Thanks Ankur for correcting me . Cheers :)