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Comments by Paul McGann (Top 3 by date)

Paul McGann 1-Sep-14 12:48pm View    
Hi have you tried doing this:

On the SQL Server, open 'SQL Server Configuration Manager'.

Note: This can typically be found linked from the 'Start' menu. For example: Start | All Programs | Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 | Configuration Tools | SQL Server Configuration Manager.

Expand 'SQL Server Network Configuration' and highlight the 'Protocols for [InstanceName]' option.

In the right-hand window, if 'TCP/IP' currently has the 'status' of 'Disabled', right click on 'TCP/IP' and select 'Enable'.

Note: You will be requested to restart the SQL Server service to complete the configuration change.

To restart the service, you can use the same Microsoft Management Console (MMC) window. To do so, highlight the 'SQL Server Services' option at the top of the tree. In the right-hand window, you can then right click on the 'SQL Server [Instance]' entry and choose 'Restart'.

Do you manage the dedicated servers, or do you have a hosting company who looks after this?
Paul McGann 25-May-12 3:01am View    
Thanks for your response.
Paul McGann 25-May-12 2:58am View    
thanks for your response.