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Comments by Wamuti (Top 18 by date)

Wamuti 15-Mar-14 1:42am View    
See this then:

Also make use of "Googling". You will move faster that way. All the best.
Wamuti 19-Feb-14 6:07am View    
Even so, I still got lots of public interfaces that would be available... However, even making them public still does not solve the problem.

Also, all contracts are inside the interface class respectively as shown in the code listings..
Wamuti 19-Feb-14 1:46am View    
Yes I have and it works just as I expect it to. This is what makes it even more frustrating.
Wamuti 11-Feb-14 11:43am View    
Could you include the code you are using to stream the file also.
Wamuti 26-Jan-14 4:21am View    
Ohhhh... It is text.txt.txt!! Thanks a million.