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Comments by Jin Vincent Necesario (Top 11 by date)

Jin Vincent Necesario 8-Oct-20 10:10am View    
Maybe, you just need to enclose your statement properly, it seems you forgot to enclose your statement with a closing-parenthesis.
From this:
"$("#date").attr("disabled", $("#chkDisable").is(":checked")).val("28-09-2020");"
"$("#date").attr("disabled", $("#chkDisable").is(":checked")).val("28-09-2020"));".
Jin Vincent Necesario 12-Sep-20 6:10am View    
I agree.
Jin Vincent Necesario 23-Aug-20 5:08am View    
You can probably search for the subjects of Globalization and Localization.
Jin Vincent Necesario 21-Aug-20 23:13pm View    
Is the element #dataLocker a dynamic element?
If yes, you can try: $("body").on("click", "#dataLocker", function() { ... });
Jin Vincent Necesario 14-Aug-20 8:36am View    
I think the problem lies in this line: CommissionToMall = double.Parse(g.Where(x => x.Field<string>("meta_key") == "_line_subtotal").Select(x => x.Field<string>("meta_value")).FirstOrDefault()) * (double.Parse(g.Where(x => x.Field<string>("meta_key") == "_dokan_commission_rate").Select(x => x.Field<string>("meta_value")).FirstOrDefault()) / 100).