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Eddy Vluggen 6-Sep-17 10:43am View    
That is because it is a generic error; it means that you are pointing to something that is not a form. Where your error is depends on your code - so no, this is not a one-fits-all solution.

Check (on the line of the exception) whether you are using a class that inherits from form, and whether you're pointing to the correct class.
Eddy Vluggen 8-Jan-13 9:14am View    
I'd use an IDbCommand, not an adapter.

Google for SqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery :)
Eddy Vluggen 7-Jan-13 5:30am View    
UPDATE [MyTableName]
SET CurrentStock = CurrentStock - 5
WHERE Id = @yourKeyValue
Eddy Vluggen 24-Sep-12 10:46am View    
MSDN is.
Eddy Vluggen 14-Sep-12 3:22am View    
Reason for my vote of 5
Nice solution :)