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Comments by Single Step Debugger (Top 6 by date)

Single Step Debugger 4-Oct-12 13:02pm View    
Reason for my vote of 1
This is not an article, merely a tip, and not very good one. Quite unprofessional. Sorry.
Single Step Debugger 25-Mar-11 16:22pm View    
Yes I found this article earlier today but it’s not very helpful, it’s more like a reference. Thanks and have a five from me.
Single Step Debugger 25-Mar-11 16:19pm View    
It works now! It appears that building the DLL in VS2010 doesn’t change the interface, you need to rebuild/clean the project. I added this row: "DllUnregisterServer PRIVATE" in the *.def file and after rebuild it exported the function. Tanks again, sorry I can vote you five only once.:)
Single Step Debugger 25-Mar-11 16:06pm View    
Yes you were perfectly right DUMPBIN tells me that the function is not exported. All other functions in the definition file are exported but not this one…weird.
Single Step Debugger 25-Mar-11 15:56pm View    
Yes I will mark it as answer, thank you and I also five voted your answer. And I have explicit export for this function in the definition file but it still doesn’t work. I start thinking that something breaks the DLL initialization and the error message is just a side effect. Thank you anyway.