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Comments by Dalek Dave (Top 200 by date)

Dalek Dave 15-Jun-14 17:10pm View    
Thats what I had to do in the end.
Dalek Dave 15-Aug-13 17:10pm View    
What can I say?
What a great answer and so many things to poke around at over the weekend.
I will see how I get on, and if I run into any serious trouble I will contact you for some directions.

Thanks very much.
Dalek Dave 15-Aug-13 17:09pm View    
Thanks Mehdi.
Dalek Dave 15-Aug-13 16:30pm View    
Sergey, sorry.
VB.Net would be best, or at least some script like php.
What I need is to take images copied manually from the web and stored in a local folder.
I then need to upload the whole folder to a webspace attached to a webstore.
When I upload the products using a CSV file I want to include the path to the folder.
This seems easy: I have named each of the images after the product code of the item, so I can have a set path and just concatenate in the name of the image.
Or so I thought!
The store uses several instances of the same image in different sizes.
When you upload an image manually it does all this for you, but with 30,000 products this would take months to manually input.
So I need a way for "FOR EACH image IN folder, ..." and it needs to have 6 versions, each with a suffix appended to a common name, and each of them to be set to different sizes.
Well beyond the capabilities of a mere accountant with limited programming skills.
Dalek Dave 25-Sep-12 4:02am View    
Thanks for the advice!