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Comments by Chris Losinger (Top 19 by date)

Chris Losinger 16-May-21 10:34am View
'Griff, Original'

And clearly this is a homework assignment to test knowledge of regex escapes, not an actual first name tester.
Chris Losinger 7-Jan-21 17:24pm View
Chris Losinger 25-Oct-17 13:27pm View
What you've posted here won't even compile.
Chris Losinger 12-Jul-12 16:34pm View
does the chromium framework provide you with access to the DOM of the contained web page? if so, is there a 'submit' function for button elements?
Chris Losinger 15-Jun-12 11:10am View
you should do your own homework
Chris Losinger 13-Jun-12 16:12pm View
Chris Losinger 27-Apr-12 9:30am View
go to Project / Settings / C|C++ . do you you have anything in the "Preprocessor definitions" field?
Chris Losinger 27-Apr-12 9:08am View
what preprocessor symbols are you defining when you build zlib, and which are you defining when you build your project?
Chris Losinger 27-Apr-12 7:28am View
you can't delete anything from the external dependencies folder. that folder is just to show you the files that have been included based on your #include statements and the include paths you've defined.
Chris Losinger 26-Apr-12 11:05am View
can you show me the link that you downloaded?
Chris Losinger 26-Apr-12 10:47am View
the zlib calls are inflate, inflateInit, inflateEnd.

if commenting those out eliminates the crash, then the problem is probably that the zlib functions are not being exported from the DLL with the calling convention that your application expects.

what did you do to get zlib to compile as a DLL?
Chris Losinger 26-Apr-12 10:26am View
can you try commenting-out just the calls to zlib ?
Chris Losinger 26-Apr-12 10:06am View
did you build the copy of zlib.dll that you are using?
Chris Losinger 26-Apr-12 10:02am View
are you using any other (non-MS) external libraries ? (statically linked)
Chris Losinger 26-Apr-12 9:40am View
when you #include "zlib.h", are you doing this:

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include "zlib.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus

Chris Losinger 26-Apr-12 9:38am View
i'm assuming you're using pngLib to create your PNG file. so, you would do the png_write_chunk wherever you are doing all the other libPng stuff.
Chris Losinger 26-Apr-12 9:29am View
how are you #including the zLib header?
Chris Losinger 26-Apr-12 7:38am View
you can use a tool like pngsplit to insert a custom chunk into an existing image. to add a new chunk to an image while you're writing it, use png_write_chunk (after png_write_info, IIRC).
Chris Losinger 12-Apr-12 14:12pm View
"Module" is not an English verb. You can't "module" anything.

you can modulate a number: x = x % 1007;