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Comments by Siddhartha S. (Top 3 by date)

Siddhartha S. 19-Apr-11 5:09am View    
You may percieve that the code is converting the value to "int" before equating the value to the ProgressPercentage property. Can you think of another way to supply the percentage dynamically in this particular situation?
The question had not got anything to do with float/int thing. It is a mock situation to demonstrate the problem.
Siddhartha S. 19-Apr-11 4:10am View    
Thanks for the reply. I understand CommandManager is a static class. Can you please provide a code example over the existing code. That would provide a better understanding.
Basically I understand that an event is required to refresh the commnd binding of the button. But I don't know how to do it withing the limitation of MVVM.
Siddhartha S. 30-Aug-10 13:19pm View    
I guess my question was not clear....
That is why I gave the example...
As a consumer of th ecustome control I want to set the textBox itself from the designer!!