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MarqW 24-Sep-18 1:47am View    
Did you check the file permissions as well?
MarqW 30-Aug-18 1:51am View    
Are you sure? Because disabled controls can't have focus.
But you can just do "b3.Focus();"
MarqW 15-Dec-14 4:24am View    
Reason for my vote of 1 \n As mentioned by Klaus, not the way, at least use Invoke and delgates to do your cross-thread calls.
MarqW 18-Sep-14 10:51am View    
When I did maps, I just used a webpage with Google maps... works pretty well
MarqW 20-Mar-14 6:28am View    
Check your datatype. You might have it as a String, in which case, sorting would be correct; make sure it's numeric (integer etc.)