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M@dHatter 4-Jun-13 6:18am View     CRLF
'DOCUMENT_ROOT' The document root directory under which the current script is executing, as defined in the server's configuration file. Sounds like that would be the directory that filemanager.class.php is executing under not your path. $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']
M@dHatter 4-Jun-13 6:04am View    
where is this function setFileRoot ?
M@dHatter 4-Jun-13 5:52am View     CRLF
Is this where the file is located? FULLPATH: /www/cms-tba/data/test/data/test/Penguins.jpg or FULLPATH: /www/cms-tba/data/test/Penguins.jpg
M@dHatter 4-Jun-13 5:38am View    
So you have a directory called nothing? //
M@dHatter 18-May-11 10:24am View    
Learn how to speak the language... Canadian/french/english or whatever they speak. LOL :)