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Member 4336594 12-Jan-17 11:20am View    
This is the character I wanted to remove :
Which the above code does, but also Chinese and other languages as well. I'm not sure I'm using the correct terminology. I would like to remove any of these characters.
Member 4336594 12-Jan-17 11:00am View    
I encountered a problem using a web service and the string I passed to it contained a non ascii character and failed. To get around this I removed all non-ascii characters. The requirement is to still be able to process other languages which this won't. The original character looked like a 't' without the tail (forgive me for the poor description).
Member 4336594 5-Apr-16 3:12am View    
Thanks. Would you be able to give an example please?
Member 4336594 4-Apr-16 10:33am View    
If this is breaking OOP, what would be the best way to accomplish this? Thanks
Member 4336594 4-Apr-16 10:15am View    
F-ES Sitecore mentions that its not good OOP, if this is the case. What would be the correct way of doing this?