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Comments by Matt Maynard (Top 5 by date)

Matt Maynard 21-Jan-13 13:52pm View    
A) As for the datatype, it's going from nvarchar(75) to nvarchar(256). When I try to save the change in design view in SQL Server Management Studio, I get a warning: "Saving Definition Changes to tables with large amounts of data could take a considerable amount of time. While changes are being saved, table data will not be accessible." The table has 3.6m rows, give or take.

B) This is probably the better solution, since the dataset takes up 691MB; not that available space is an issue, but writing out the entire table when I'm only trying to modify one column is probably a bit excessive.
Matt Maynard 21-Jan-13 12:21pm View    
I'll also add that I have access to the service that fills A, and can shut it down while I run the query so that I don't lose data.
Matt Maynard 15-Nov-12 12:29pm View    
That's one possibility, but the button decides what pdf to show based on a text input. If the pdf does not exist, I need to display an error message on the page. I suppose I could do the file check in javascript (maybe), then redirect if it exists.

Alternately, I could pop the second window at a different page (call it viewpdf.aspx) and redirect back to the original page, but then I'd have to display the 404 error message there. It's worth thinking about though.
Matt Maynard 14-Nov-12 16:27pm View    
That pretty much fits with what I've seen. One thing I saw had two forms but only one of them set to runat="server", but that won't work for me.
Matt Maynard 14-Nov-12 16:24pm View    
No, the requirement is that the results from that button be displayed in the same window. Essentially, I have to decide the Form.Target value before the user clicks one of the buttons - hence the two form idea.