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Comments by dybs (Top 3 by date)

dybs 12-Apr-12 22:47pm View    
Great explanation, and thanks for the MSDN blog link. I actually wasn't aware that structs were boxed when casting to an interface, but that does makes sense now. Thanks!
dybs 12-Apr-12 21:23pm View    
I noticed the different types (although I missed that it's a struct, good catch), but when I looked at the .NET source, both List<t>.GetEnumerator</t> and the explicit interface implementation were simply <pre>return new Enumerator(this);</pre>So even though the return types are different, they are still the same underlying type, right? So why would they behave differently?
dybs 12-Apr-12 20:55pm View    
I got an email notification of a solution you posted with a link to an article (haven't read it yet). Any idea why I don't see the solution here?