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Comments by Slacker007 (Top 200 by date)

Slacker007 6-Jul-21 13:25pm View    
Griff, this is actually one of only a few working examples on the internet for this particular scenario. You saved me a lot of time with this. Thanks!!
Slacker007 26-Oct-20 11:10am View    
I thought there was a file extension for word that indicates that this is a word document with macros? been almost 10 years since I worked with Word automation and macros, etc.
Slacker007 10-Apr-19 7:53am View    
has this index rebuild ever worked on the table that is failing? If so, has the schema changed on that table recently?
Slacker007 1-Mar-19 10:09am View    
Is this task a little advanced for a beginner? Something to consider.
Slacker007 7-Jan-19 8:45am View    
If you can't learn to do this yourself, you need to drop the class or find a new profession. I will NOT do the work for you. Good luck