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Slacker007 6-Jul-21 13:25pm View
Griff, this is actually one of only a few working examples on the internet for this particular scenario. You saved me a lot of time with this. Thanks!!
Slacker007 26-Oct-20 11:10am View
I thought there was a file extension for word that indicates that this is a word document with macros? been almost 10 years since I worked with Word automation and macros, etc.
Slacker007 10-Apr-19 7:53am View
has this index rebuild ever worked on the table that is failing? If so, has the schema changed on that table recently?
Slacker007 1-Mar-19 10:09am View
Is this task a little advanced for a beginner? Something to consider.
Slacker007 7-Jan-19 8:45am View
If you can't learn to do this yourself, you need to drop the class or find a new profession. I will NOT do the work for you. Good luck
Slacker007 4-Jan-19 9:42am View
I would probably read the documentation for the product, or reach out to the product team for answers. Just a thought.
Slacker007 31-Oct-18 15:27pm View
Have you actually set a break point or two, and debugged this? I am almost certain that if you do that, then the answer will reveal itself to you, and you will be one with the universe again.
Slacker007 18-Oct-18 11:36am View
Solution 1 (and 2) are the answers to you problem. Do note that when using TryParse, you should use it in an "If" statement, which means you will need to write additional code to handle the scenario of a bad date - what do you do when the date cannot be parsed.
Slacker007 1-Sep-18 8:44am View
I have worked with Lead Tools products for a couple of years in the past, and I know they have a very good demo project listing with each install. I would check for the correct demo project that is doing what you want to do and get an idea from that. Also, as Graeme_Grant pointed out, you should go to LeadTools site and look at their knowledge base and FAQ. That helped me out a bunch in the past.
Slacker007 8-Apr-18 13:40pm View
Slacker007 8-Apr-18 5:41am View
and this is not a solution either, but I guess you get the 10 points anyhow.
Slacker007 8-Apr-18 5:40am View
Let me ask you, is this "large scale" application for a client, and are you going to get paid money for your work and time on this "large scale" application?
Slacker007 6-Apr-18 8:09am View
If you were an experienced web developer, you would not be asking this question. So, it makes me think that you should be working on a much smaller scale project first, with a higher chance for success.
Slacker007 29-Jul-17 9:14am View
What is the case of your data in the database? Is it: Kianoush or kianoush?
Slacker007 29-Jul-17 9:13am View
Then make it a solution and not a comment. duh.
Slacker007 24-Feb-17 11:40am View
Why did you uses a struct instead of a class? Just curious. I normally don't put implementation code in my structs, but that is just me.
Slacker007 10-Mar-16 6:47am View
It might prove helpful to debug this application and put your findings in the "What I have tried" section. Set some breakpoints and start your application in debug mode then F10 your way through the code until you see where the problem is.

I would check to see if your query is working, and if it is, then if it is returning data to you.
Slacker007 10-Mar-16 6:42am View
You should be fine. Make a backup of your projects and keep in source control or another backup directory on your local machine, and then perform the installs. I suspect that all you are really installing are web templates and template projects, and your existing MVC project will not be "touched".

By the way, their are traditional ASP.Net web forms and then there is MVC - two completely different beasts. HTH.
Slacker007 23-Apr-15 4:47am View
If you have more than 8 columns in your grid view, then I would re-think your design. Grid views are supposed to show summary data, in most cases.
Slacker007 13-Apr-15 11:40am View
Sound advice.
Slacker007 7-Apr-15 14:15pm View
Are there any applications that will need to be refactored, as well? I am curious as to why you have column names that need the last letter removed? Was this a test of some sort?
Slacker007 18-Feb-15 14:01pm View
Have you looked at this yest, I'm sure you have:
Slacker007 13-Feb-15 15:16pm View
Look at the indexes for that table in question. Is it indexed. I know we indexed dates on some of our tables, especially if they were integral to a query/view. Usually on tables that had millions of records or the potential for that size.

edit: if there is no index on the date field, then create one and test. You can always remove the index if it hurts/does nothing.
Slacker007 13-Feb-15 14:58pm View
I have personally witnessed queries with a date parameter/filter, execute quite fast but as soon as you remove that date parameter or filter, the query would take forever, even in SSMS.

I am not saying this is your situation, but felt like mentioning my experience.
Slacker007 13-Feb-15 12:07pm View
Date filters get executed first, I believe. By changing the date filter parameter, are you removing it? If so, I would think that is your problem, or part of it.
Slacker007 23-Sep-14 5:03am View
Do you see the data if you perform any form of sorting? Is it putting the data at the end, and this is why you can't see it.
Slacker007 23-Sep-14 5:00am View
I don't like to use nested try/catch statements. Use only one.
Slacker007 23-Sep-14 4:56am View
Are you opening the "Excel" file in an internet browser or in Excel itself?
Slacker007 25-Aug-14 7:50am View
Prism, by the way, is a framework for implementing module based or composite applications, and is growing in popularity, which is why you will see a lot of search hits for Prism.
Slacker007 25-Aug-14 7:48am View
There is a lot of examples here on CodeProject and StackOverflow on how to implement events both using MVVM patern and attached properties/events. There is no one good answer.
Slacker007 14-Sep-13 19:41pm View
You could try looking at some of the services and WCF services articles here on CP; that would be a good start.
Slacker007 8-Nov-12 8:38am View
Field missing sounds to me that you are either trying to pass to many fields(parameters) to this service or you are not passing enough. I would look into this.
Slacker007 8-Nov-12 6:59am View
What form of debugging or troubleshooting have you done so far? You might want to set a breakpoint and step through the code line by line. Just a thought.
Slacker007 7-Nov-12 5:26am View
copy the zip file to a temp directory on your c: drive and right click on the zip file. select "extract to here". Did this work?.
Slacker007 7-Nov-12 5:21am View
Just curious, how many partitioned volumes do you have on this computer you are trying to open this file on?
Slacker007 19-Oct-12 6:42am View
@Sarvesh - put your comment as a solution and then delete your comment. This way you get credit for a possible solution rather than it just being a comment. -- Just a thought. :)
Slacker007 31-Aug-12 6:14am View
This is not a question. I have reported this.
Slacker007 31-Aug-12 6:11am View
I don't think this is just a code dump. A legitimate question has been posted.
Slacker007 27-Jun-12 6:19am View
Remove your comment and post it as a solution. :)
Slacker007 27-Jun-12 6:17am View
This is an incomplete question, IMHO.
Slacker007 19-Apr-12 7:55am View
I guess what I was hinting at was to do a thorough search on Google first and do some personal research and/or leg work. :)
Slacker007 19-Apr-12 7:54am View
I guess what I was hinting at was to do a thorough search on Google first and do some personal research and/or leg work. :)
Slacker007 16-Apr-12 5:57am View
We would love to help you but you have to post some more info (code examples perhaps). I can't answer your question as it is right now.
Slacker007 12-Apr-12 6:21am View
In that case, I think you are hard pressed for someone to help you. The community here loves to help people but we don't like to solve your problems for you or do the work.

Edit your question, so that you show what work you have tried, where your problem is exactly. This might get more people to help you. -just a thought. Good luck. :)
Slacker007 12-Apr-12 6:16am View
I was going to delete this but decided not to. Is this a homework question? It reads like one to me.
Slacker007 12-Apr-12 6:07am View
Edited for readability and formatting. :)
Slacker007 12-Apr-12 6:03am View
Edited for readability and formatting. :)
Slacker007 12-Apr-12 5:56am View
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Slacker007 3-Apr-12 5:29am View
Is this for your own use or for others as well?
Slacker007 30-Mar-12 5:47am View
Edits made: Shortened title and formatting.
Slacker007 19-Mar-12 6:21am View
Edits: Formatted code blocks and some readability. Shortened question title.
Slacker007 2-Mar-12 5:49am View
Edits: formatting and readability. You only need one period and one question mark, anything more is uncivilized. :)
Slacker007 1-Mar-12 6:13am View
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Slacker007 24-Feb-12 7:15am View
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Slacker007 23-Feb-12 8:05am View
You could look at the link below, provided by Raimis9.
Slacker007 23-Feb-12 7:33am View
Good link. I have done Office Interop and Automation for a while now and I have decided not to do it anymore unless I absolutely have to. :)
Slacker007 23-Feb-12 7:30am View
Try searching the internet. There are a lot of tutorials and samples. Did you try searching this site for information?

My next question would be, how proficient are you with VB.Net and/or .Net programming in general?

A possible way:

1. Create a data connection layer to access the data from the Access database.
2. Create the report based on the database and connection.
3. Generate the report via your application. Probably you will want the user to provide some filter criteria via your UI.
Slacker007 23-Feb-12 5:51am View
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Slacker007 7-Feb-12 6:30am View
Edits made: some formatting and title.
Slacker007 7-Feb-12 6:26am View
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Slacker007 3-Feb-12 2:55am View
Sounds more like an viable answer to me, Bill. Put it as an answer....I would. If you do, then you can delete this comment as well. ;)
Slacker007 2-Feb-12 15:48pm View
What are you talking about?
I'm sure other members here appreciate it just as much as you SA. Whatever "that" is.
Slacker007 2-Feb-12 7:35am View
Edits made: I formatted your code block and moved the text above it. ;)
Slacker007 2-Feb-12 6:10am View
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Edits made: Title, grammar, and formatting. Removed the word "gonna" and replaced with "want to".
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Slacker007 1-Feb-12 6:30am View
?? You sound very enlightened this morning, SA. :)
Slacker007 1-Feb-12 6:26am View
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Slacker007 1-Feb-12 6:22am View
Edits made: some formatting.

@prabaran - you would get a better reply, I think, if you edit your question to be more descriptive to your problem. If English is not your primary language then do your best. ;)
Slacker007 1-Feb-12 6:16am View
Ben - Usually a good question will get a good answer. If you want, you could edit your question so that it shows some code snippets where you might be having the problem or you could be a little more descriptive with your question. Just a thought. ;)
Slacker007 1-Feb-12 6:11am View
Edits made: Title, formatting, some grammar.
Slacker007 29-Jan-12 5:35am View
This is a great question. When you do get it solved, please edit with your solution. :)
Slacker007 28-Jan-12 2:05am View
Not much of an answer, Marcus. Answer the question or pass, don't lecture.
Slacker007 28-Jan-12 2:01am View
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Slacker007 18-Jan-12 6:04am View
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Slacker007 11-Jan-12 5:44am View
It's good enough to read my comment and to reply. I would think that you could edit your question. I don't care if your English is good or not. People aren't going to help you much, if they don't know what you need help with. Just a thought. :)
Slacker007 11-Jan-12 5:38am View
@Vishwajeet: I deleted your comment and pasted the code block into your original question. Good luck.
Slacker007 11-Jan-12 5:32am View
Edits made: formatting and some readability.
Slacker007 11-Jan-12 5:29am View
This question is incomplete. Please edit this question to at least include some code snippets and/or problem points. Thanks.
Slacker007 11-Jan-12 5:27am View
This is not a question. Reported as such.
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Slacker007 6-Jan-12 6:58am View
Shorten the subject title. Put the question in the body. Just a suggestion.
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Slacker007 29-Dec-11 6:17am View
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Slacker007 29-Dec-11 6:13am View
I feel that your question is incomplete. Please add more information. Thanks.
Slacker007 28-Dec-11 6:14am View
Would you please provide more detail about your problem. Thanks.
Slacker007 28-Dec-11 6:10am View
Edits: Shortened title because it was already mentioned int he body of your question.
Slacker007 27-Dec-11 6:12am View
Edit: Redundant title
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Edit: shortened redundant title and readability.
Slacker007 27-Dec-11 6:08am View
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Slacker007 27-Dec-11 6:04am View
Are you able to get the selected item's index in Windows Mobil datagrid?
Slacker007 27-Dec-11 6:00am View
Edit: formatting and readability.
Slacker007 22-Dec-11 6:32am View
First, don't call me sir :) I work for a living. Second, your question appears to be very bleak to me. I think you need to add more information as to what you exactly want to do besides just "wanting" horizontal versus vertical.
Slacker007 22-Dec-11 6:22am View
Edits: Tag, some readability, and removed the demanding urgent help needed bit. :)
Slacker007 22-Dec-11 6:20am View
What is your question, exactly?
Slacker007 21-Dec-11 6:12am View
Edit: Tag and some readability.
Slacker007 21-Dec-11 6:07am View
Edit: readability and formatting.
Slacker007 15-Dec-11 7:00am View
I edited your question so that it was more readable to the community...that's all.
Slacker007 15-Dec-11 6:43am View
Have you had success in the past with the same configuration for your SQL Server database. If not, make sure that you have it configured properly. There are lots of hits on Google for this...I just checked. Good luck.
Slacker007 15-Dec-11 6:38am View
Edit: some formatting.
Slacker007 15-Dec-11 6:01am View
It is not your place here, on this site, to show someone the error of their ways or to make an example out of someone. Either help them out, without making them look stupid, or move on to another question.
Slacker007 14-Dec-11 6:37am View
Edit: formatting
Slacker007 14-Dec-11 6:14am View
Edit: tags, title, and formatting.
Slacker007 14-Dec-11 6:12am View
I think you would have better luck if you actually contacted the site admin for answers to your questions. Good luck.
Slacker007 14-Dec-11 6:11am View
You don't need to tell the OP their question was poorly written. Report it as such, make edits, or just leave the question alone and move on to the next one. :)
Slacker007 14-Dec-11 6:08am View
Edit: I moved your actual question from the bottom to the top where everyone can see it first. Some formatting as well.
Slacker007 14-Dec-11 6:04am View
Please provide more intel on what you have tried, error messages, or exactly where you are having problems. You might get a better response from the community. Good luck.
Slacker007 9-Dec-11 6:51am View
There are hundreds of articles and posts on using XML. You need to take the time to search and do your own research. I have to tell you that not many people here in the community are going to do the work for you.

Good luck.
Slacker007 9-Dec-11 6:27am View
Edit: Formatting
Slacker007 9-Dec-11 6:25am View
This is not a question.
Slacker007 8-Dec-11 6:42am View
Edited: tags and formatting.
Slacker007 17-Nov-11 6:31am View
Not a good idea to be messing around with MSysObjects table(s). They are needed to run Access and thus they are hidden by design.

Your second question, requires you to manipulate the table structure (obviously). The best way to do this, I have found is through OleDb or ADO. There is plenty of info on the internet for this.

Good luck.
Slacker007 17-Nov-11 6:25am View
Not really a question, is it. Edit your "question" so that it gives us more information and possibly showing us what you have tried and where exactly you are having trouble. Thanks.
Slacker007 16-Nov-11 6:32am View
Go to your ODBC config dialog and see if Jet 4.0 is listed. I believe Access 2007 and higher use a different database engine.
Slacker007 16-Nov-11 6:32am View
Go to your ODBC config dialog and see if Jet 4.0 is listed.
Slacker007 16-Nov-11 5:52am View
Edit: spelling and readability.
Slacker007 15-Nov-11 6:09am View
Make your comment a solution.
Slacker007 14-Nov-11 6:01am View
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Edit: Moved original title to the first sentence and readability.
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Slacker007 11-Nov-11 6:32am View
Your question is incomplete. Please explain your question/situation in more detail please. Thanks.
Slacker007 11-Nov-11 6:30am View
Edit: readability
Slacker007 11-Nov-11 6:28am View
Edit: formatting.
Slacker007 10-Nov-11 7:42am View
I deleted the OP's comments as well (2 of them), since they only contained the code you posted in the original question.
Slacker007 9-Nov-11 5:54am View
I am very sorry for not getting back to you on this, sathish. Thank you for reminding me. I have sent the link to my email account so that I can go over it at home.
Slacker007 3-Nov-11 10:26am View
thanks. I reported accordingly as well.
Slacker007 3-Nov-11 6:33am View
Yes, I believe you can. I just did a search and found about 5 good links with examples on the net.
Slacker007 3-Nov-11 6:29am View
Edit: formatting.
Slacker007 28-Oct-11 7:25am View
I have bookmarked your question and will help you with this when I can tonight or tomorrow morning. I actually don't have the time right now because I am at work and things here are picking up.
Slacker007 28-Oct-11 7:15am View
Have you tried passing your query to a recordset object and then conecting your UI control to the recordset? i.e. MyTextbox.Value = MyRecordest!MyFieldName.
Slacker007 28-Oct-11 6:50am View
When you say "access page" are you referring to a form or the old web-style pages Access use to have.
Slacker007 28-Oct-11 6:36am View
Edit: readability.
Slacker007 27-Oct-11 6:00am View
Edit: grammar.
Slacker007 27-Oct-11 5:58am View
I think the question may be a homework or school project problem. I could be wrong of course.
Slacker007 27-Oct-11 5:57am View
I think you have editor privileges, fix it for them and set a good example.
Slacker007 26-Oct-11 6:44am View
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Slacker007 12-Oct-11 6:19am View
I removed your "non-sense" remark to the OP. You might want to make this an answer instead of a comment and help the person out. Just a thought.
Slacker007 12-Oct-11 6:17am View
Edit: readability.
Slacker007 12-Oct-11 6:14am View
Refrain from txt speak please.
Slacker007 10-Oct-11 5:51am View
This is an answer? It sounds more like an opinion to me.
Slacker007 6-Oct-11 6:25am View
Edited: readability and code block.
Slacker007 5-Oct-11 7:45am View
I only edited your question. I don't know anything about Android development. So I am unable to answer your question properly.
Slacker007 5-Oct-11 6:03am View
Edit: removed the "please help" bit from the title and made it a little more descriptive. "please help" seams to bring a negative response here more than a positive one. cheers.
Slacker007 2-Oct-11 6:19am View
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Slacker007 27-Sep-11 6:42am View
You can flag this as a repost too.
Slacker007 27-Sep-11 6:41am View
Bill, if this is a repost then flag it as a repost also. :)
Slacker007 27-Sep-11 6:33am View
Edited: removed extra "pre" tag in your last code block to fix formatting.
Slacker007 27-Sep-11 6:12am View
I deleted all 3 of your comments, where you posted the same code as in your original question. You don't need to put code in your comments. Just in your original question. Thanks.
Slacker007 23-Sep-11 6:53am View
Edited for some readability.
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Slacker007 23-Sep-11 6:43am View
FYI: You can also report this question as incomplete or unclear by clicking on the red flag.
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Slacker007 12-Sep-11 6:18am View
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks for the link. Nice.
Slacker007 12-Sep-11 6:03am View
If you debug your code and step through it line by line where exactly is it throwing the error?
Slacker007 9-Sep-11 6:27am View
Are you trying to do this in Excel or in SQL Server?

-- Edited for readability and tags.
Slacker007 9-Sep-11 6:24am View
Edited for some readability and removed the part referring to your e-mail address.
Slacker007 31-Aug-11 6:40am View
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Slacker007 25-Aug-11 7:27am View
No need to apologize. Welcome to Code Project.
Slacker007 25-Aug-11 6:43am View
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Slacker007 12-Aug-11 7:17am View
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Slacker007 12-Aug-11 7:12am View
Please elaborate.
Slacker007 12-Aug-11 7:11am View
Edited for readability.
Slacker007 9-Aug-11 6:45am View
@raheemvali: I reported this as a repost to your original question, see here:

In the future, you need to edit your original question and not re-post the same question. Thanks.
Slacker007 9-Aug-11 6:42am View
Edited for readability.
Slacker007 9-Aug-11 6:41am View
@chirag lad: you will most likely not get much help with this question in its present state. You may want to revise.
Slacker007 8-Aug-11 6:03am View
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Added tags.
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Slacker007 5-Aug-11 6:53am View
Nice answer.
Slacker007 5-Aug-11 6:01am View
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Slacker007 5-Aug-11 5:50am View
I reported this question as "Not a question". Please fix so that we can help you. Thanks.
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Edited for readability and formatting. Added tag.
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Slacker007 5-Aug-11 5:45am View
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Slacker007 4-Aug-11 6:37am View
Could you go back and make this question of yours a little more clear and more descriptive. Thanks.
Slacker007 4-Aug-11 6:32am View
Edited for readability.
Slacker007 2-Aug-11 7:30am View
Would you be able to edit this question and provide a code sample? I would love to help you on this but I need to see the code. Thanks. :)