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Dominic Burford 1-Oct-19 3:30am View
Unfortunately, without seeing your code, we have no idea how / why you are getting the error.
Dominic Burford 16-Sep-19 10:13am View
Is this even a question? I don't even know where to start with this.
Dominic Burford 23-Jul-19 3:14am View
What have you tried and why were they not worth it? There are several ways of achieving this, but you haven't stated which ones you've already tried and why they were no good.
Dominic Burford 22-Jul-19 7:21am View
The user is not returned in the query when you add the WHERE clause. Are they there before you add the WHERE clause?
Dominic Burford 19-Jul-19 12:23pm View
What exactly is your question? For starters I would re-write your SQL query to use a stored procedure and pass in your cell value as a paramerter. This is safer and best practice as you're not directly executing a SQL string (which can be tampered with). In fact, never execute SQL strings directly. Always use stored procedures.
Dominic Burford 18-Jul-19 4:50am View
What are the values before you write them to the file? Are they correct or incorrect at that point?
Dominic Burford 16-Jul-19 11:45am View
Looks like homework to me too.
Dominic Burford 16-Jul-19 3:22am View
Embedded videos are generally just iframes that will only play the video. If you want to display the video as well as the comments and likes then consider navigating the user to the youtube page instead.
Dominic Burford 16-Jul-19 3:07am View
What have you tried? Do you have any code to show? Are you getting an error? Break the problem down into manageable chunks. 1. Get the list of files from the folder 2. Populate the listbox from this list 3. Add a progress bar
Dominic Burford 15-Jul-19 6:54am View
You haven't really given us much to work with here. What are your requirements? Have you looked through the documentation and looked at any examples? Do some of these basics first, and then if you run into any problems, post a specific question which we can help you with.
Dominic Burford 12-Jul-19 3:32am View
What error are you getting? What is the exact hardware / software configuration? What have you tried so far?
Dominic Burford 12-Jul-19 3:23am View
So what exactly is your question? It's difficult to help when the question you're asking is vague, and you'ved simply posted some code.
Dominic Burford 11-Jul-19 11:59am View
Have you stepped through your code to see at what point the DateOfBirth and DateOfDeath elements are added? That's where I would start. Run the code in the debugger and see where the elements get added, and then amend the code accordingly.
Dominic Burford 11-Jul-19 3:22am View
So we don't duplicate your own solutions please provide the solutions you have already tried, and what specific errors or problems you had with each of them. We don't know what you've tried, and why those solutions failed. Please provide more details.
Dominic Burford 10-Jul-19 10:07am View
What error are you getting? Have you checked all the network / UNC paths are the same and that you have the necessary permissions to access them?
Dominic Burford 10-Jul-19 10:00am View
Have you stepped through the code? Where does the error occur? Knowing how to debug code is a skill you will need.
Dominic Burford 9-Jul-19 11:36am View
That's just an empty function. I would suggest reading up on the docs and try again. Then if you get stuck, post an actual question which we can try to answer.
Dominic Burford 4-Jul-19 4:17am View
Are getting an error? What specific problem are you getting? Can you look at the error logs? If you share your code then maybe we can help.
Dominic Burford 3-Jul-19 3:28am View
Are you getting an error? Do you have error logs you can check? Do you have a valid connection? Is your INSERT statement correct? I have no idea what has failed without you providing more detail.
Dominic Burford 3-Jul-19 3:23am View
So what's your question?
Dominic Burford 28-Jun-19 5:34am View
What exactly are you stuck on? Are you getting an error? Is your code failing? Can you provide more details as to what the problem is.
Dominic Burford 28-Jun-19 5:31am View
SELECT DISTINCT COUNT(TARGET) AS TOTAL FROM CONVERSATION is a better starter. Amend this to suit your own needs i.e. add GROUP BY clauses as necessary.
Dominic Burford 26-Jun-19 9:02am View
Either use the browser's developer tools (F12) or use an HTTP tool such as Fiddler (free to download) to monitor your HTTP traffic and see what's happening under the covers. It may be throwing an error for example.
Dominic Burford 26-Jun-19 7:03am View
So where exactly is it failing? Are you getting an error? More detail is required.
Dominic Burford 10-Jun-19 11:45am View
There just isn't enough detail here to be of any help. Are you stuck on the SQL syntax? Are you getting an error? Can you post your SQL script and details what you're expecting to swee, and what you're actually seeing? More detail needed. P.S. we're not here to do your job / homework for you.
Dominic Burford 28-May-19 6:19am View
I haven't tried this yet, but I would imagine that the answer is yes. Pretty much everything I can do in the portal, I can also do programmatically using the appropriate REST APIs that are available. Check their documentation for further details.
Dominic Burford 16-May-19 10:19am View
If you tel us what problem you're trying to solve, then maybe we can help. What are you trying to do?
Dominic Burford 15-May-19 6:22am View
What is the error? You need to update your error callback as follows to see the underlying error:

error: function (response) {
Dominic Burford 15-May-19 6:18am View
What code have you tried? Are you getting an error? There are plenty of ADFS examples on the net. Use one of these to get started, and when you get stuck post a more specific question.
Dominic Burford 8-May-19 11:13am View
What error do you get? Where is your code failing? Stating that a button is not working isn't enough for anyone to provide you with help.
Dominic Burford 1-May-19 11:02am View
At what point does the AJAX request fail? Are you hitting the Razor page handler? Are you hitting the AJAX success method? What response does your AJAX request get from the page handler?
Dominic Burford 5-Sep-18 3:05am View
What I'm suggesting is that your function for populating the datagridview needs to output its data so that it matches the required output you need for Excel.
Dominic Burford 5-Sep-18 2:37am View
How do you currently populate your datagridview? This is where you need to make your changes. Populate this to mirror your required Excel output.
Dominic Burford 5-Sep-18 0:32am View
Get the data in your datagridview to exactly replicate how you want the data to look once exported into Excel. This way you won't have to manipulate it in code.
Dominic Burford 4-Sep-18 6:01am View
What error are you getting? What are you expecting to happen? What is it actually doing? Please provide more information.
Dominic Burford 4-Sep-18 5:59am View
The first line is using JQuery hover. This is similar to a Javascript mouseover event. So I would look into those to get started.
Dominic Burford 13-Mar-18 2:50am View
Use the debugger and step through the code and find the problem yourself. Learning to debug and diagnose errors in code is part of the role of a software developer. You might actually learn something.
Dominic Burford 17-Nov-16 8:47am View
Use a tool like Fiddler and check what data is actually being sent across. Then you'll know if your variables are being set correctly or not.
Dominic Burford 7-Sep-16 9:50am View
You have posted the entire code from your web page which is not helpful. You'll have to step through the debugger and narrow down where the problem lies. No one on here has the time to recreate your form and attempt to recreate the problem you're having.

Find the offending code and provide more specific details as to the problem and we may be able to help.
Dominic Burford 7-Sep-16 9:35am View
Step through the code in the debugger and see where the problem is. A brief look at the code shows that you are only incrementing your counter "no" when the letter "u" is matched. I'm guessing this is not what you were wanting. Also, consider re-writing this as a CASE statement rather than a bunch of If / ElseIf statements.
Dominic Burford 9-Jul-15 7:43am View
JQuery is a framework that is implemented in Javascript, so they share the same syntax. Your subject line is confusing. You have posted JQuery code but then your subject states that JQuery has more advantages. Can you be more accurate. What is it exactly you are trying to achieve?
Dominic Burford 9-Jul-15 7:31am View
What is the error message? What line of code is throwing the error? Have you stepped through the code to see what's going on?
Dominic Burford 8-Jul-15 3:18am View
We're here to help, not do all the work for you. If you can't create web sites in PHP then consider hiring someone who can. And if you can't create web sites in PHP, why do you care that it's in PHP at all?
Dominic Burford 12-Jun-15 0:55am View
I'm not sure what the problem is here. Simply select the file type you want from the list that is presented to you. What exactly are you trying to achieve, and what is the actual problem?
Dominic Burford 12-Jun-15 0:50am View
What is in the link button that is on your page? Why would that link cause your default page to be re-loaded?
Dominic Burford 12-Jun-15 0:42am View
Please do some ore investigation into the problem yourself first, and when you have a specific question, then post it here along with the offending code. This question cannot be answered in its current state.
Dominic Burford 21-May-15 1:44am View
Your SQL updates are not isolated from each other. You need to implement transactions in your code.
Dominic Burford 21-May-15 1:39am View
I'm not entirely sure you understand the mechanics of JQuery or client-side scripting. Jquery is a javascript client-side library which means it is executed and runs on the client in the browser. Therefore you need to include your script code either on the ASP page or via a URL. You then need to associate your script with an event on your control so it gets fired. I would spend some time looking through examples of how to use client-side scripting and JQuery first to make sure you fully understand it.
Dominic Burford 20-May-15 3:25am View
There is far too much code here. Please take the time to step through the code in the debugger and try to see where the problem is arising, and identify the area of the code that is causing the problem. This not only helps you, but it helps us too. If you are still getting problems, then feel free to post again with a more specific questions and specific are of the code.
Dominic Burford 23-Jan-15 7:39am View
That value is contained in the web.config file. If no value is specified here, then WCF will use the proxy settings from Internet Explorer. If you have a value specified here then try removing it and see if that gets you working.
Dominic Burford 22-Jan-15 1:32am View
Just before you invoke the client (where you get the error) check the value for
Dominic Burford 21-Jan-15 8:07am View
Whilst no specific to your question, but in my own Android apps I use structured error handling to catch exceptions, so all my exception handling code is in the one place. Then instead of littering your application with numerous debug statements, you have a single exception handling method which processes your exceptions according to your needs.

Take a read through the concept of structured handling and try / catch blocks and see how you get on. At the very least, it should simplify debugging your application.
Dominic Burford 21-Jan-15 7:57am View
What value is specified for Does the WCF client have access to this location?
Dominic Burford 7-Jan-15 8:04am View
Here is a copy of the web.config file where I resolved the same error. Use this to help you fix your problem.

<!--Need to set large values here so the WCF service can import large XML files-->
<binding maxBufferSize="2147483647"
<readerQuotas maxDepth="2147483647"
maxNameTableCharCount="2147483647" />
<security mode="None" />
<service name="ClientService.ClientService">
<endpoint address="http://subversion.capita-dmd.local:88/BusinessTier.Services.ClientService.svc"
binding="basicHttpBinding" name="BasicHttpBinding_IClient" contract="ClientService.IClient" />
<service name="DebtorService.DebtorService">
<endpoint address="http://subversion.capita-dmd.local:88/BusinessTier.Services.DebtorService.svc"
binding="basicHttpBinding" name="BasicHttpBinding_IDebtor" contract="DebtorService.IDebtor" />
<dataContractSerializer maxItemsInObjectGraph="2147483647" />
<!-- To avoid disclosing metadata information,
set the value below to false and remove the metadata endpoint above before deployment -->
<serviceMetadata httpGetEnabled="True"/>
<!-- To receive exception details in faults for debugging purposes,
set the value below to true. Set to false before deployment
to avoid disclosing exception information -->
<serviceDebug includeExceptionDetailInFaults="False" />
<dataContractSerializer maxItemsInObjectGraph="2147483647" />
Dominic Burford 7-Jan-15 0:31am View
The binding doesn't need to be named, in fact none of the elements require a name. Did you remove the reference to the name in your endpoint as I suggested? As long as there are no references to the name elsewhere in the config then it will work.
Dominic Burford 6-Jan-15 8:31am View
All the skills you have listed are great if you want to continue as a software developer, but there is a massive leap between development and architecture. The former is working at the small scale of code, whilst the latter is at the much larger scale of the enterprise. Being good at one does not necessarily imply being good at the other. Many excellent developers simply cannot make the transition to architecture.

The best book on the subject is by Martin Fowler. In my opinion it's the architect's bible

Personally, I think architecture comes with experience. You can read all the books and take all the courses, but in the end, it's down to judgement and experience. I got into architecture slowly, by firstly designing systems with UML, and gradually designing larger and larger systems. I then designed how multiple systems would communicate, taking into account technological and / or platform boundaries. I then got into SOA and have been lucky enough to work on some very large enterprise applications.

Check out WCF, which is the Microsoft technology for implementing SOA applications. I've written an introductory article here on CP that may be useful

Good luck.
Dominic Burford 10-Dec-14 0:26am View
You use the emulators to test your app on multiple devices, As such there should be no difference between running your code on a physical device as against an emulator. It's probably a good idea to create test web service for testing your app rather than using localhost, It can still be a locally installed web service running from your LAN. This will be a better test than using localhost.

However if you really do want to use localhost then simply reference it by it's machine name e.g. http://mymachine/mywebservice
Dominic Burford 13-Nov-14 8:59am View
There are plenty of tools out there that provide the ability to attach to remote PCs over the internet ie.g. LogMeIn, anyDesk etc. A Google search will help you find one.
Dominic Burford 13-Nov-14 8:54am View
You need to fix the unit test not trap the error message.
Dominic Burford 13-Nov-14 7:00am View
If you want help finding a job then there are plenty of job-sites, LinkedIn, newspaper ads, industry press etc that can be of service. Networking (on sites such as this) can also be useful. The QA forum section however, is not the right place to post this.
Dominic Burford 12-Nov-14 6:41am View
If it works from one PC but not another, then try to determine what is different between the two PCs.

Are you using the same FTP client, the same user / permissions, firewall settings etc.
Dominic Burford 11-Nov-14 11:49am View
I'm assuming that the field SecLevel is an integer. I'm guessing that's the offending field and that the empty fields contain null instead of a default value such as 0.
Dominic Burford 11-Nov-14 11:08am View
Check if the object references for PostedFile and ContentLength both exist before you reference them.
Dominic Burford 11-Nov-14 10:02am View
I've had similar issues with FTP working from one server but not another. In my case it was the firewall that was blocking the FTP requests as the server I was copying the files to were in the DMZ.

Ensure the server has FTP permissions on the firewall. Can you FTP a single file or several files?

Can you FTP the files using a different client? Try using a different FTP client and see if that helps.

I have also resorted to changing the FTP server. We were using IIS as the FTP server but changed over to Filezilla FTP server and this was far more stable and faster too.
Dominic Burford 11-Nov-14 9:54am View
The way that Facebook does this is using a semantic web vocabulary called FOAF (Friend-of-a-Friend). FOAF is the vocabulary used by social networks such as Facebook when finding friends you have in common with other friends. It does this using the attribute "knows". The full FOAF spec can be found here
Dominic Burford 11-Nov-14 9:04am View
Have you checked the documentation on the Android developers site? There is plenty on there. Check that first and if you get stuck with a specific issue then ask your question on here.
Dominic Burford 11-Nov-14 8:44am View
And what do the error logs say? Where does the service put its exception information? Can you see the stack trace? where is the error coming from? You need to dig deeper.
Dominic Burford 11-Nov-14 4:48am View
What problem exactly are you getting? Are you getting an error? If so, what are the details of that? Have you stepped through the code in the debugger to see which line of code is causing the error.
Dominic Burford 11-Nov-14 4:16am View
Are you supplying the credentials in your code when invoking the service? Can you post your code here so we can see exactly what you are doing. This will give us a better idea of how to resolve yur problem.
Dominic Burford 10-Nov-14 12:21pm View
Check this line in your code.

Regex RegExp =new Regex(Search_Str.Replace("","|").Trim(), RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);

You are replacing an empty string with a pipe charater.
Dominic Burford 10-Nov-14 9:13am View
*A registration already exists for URI 'http://localhost:8731/TestService'.**

That error usually indicates that you have more than one service using the same endpoint. Check what endpoints your services are using.
Dominic Burford 10-Nov-14 9:10am View
Your best bet is to have a look through the documentation on the Twitter API site, and if necessary, post a question on the forum.
Dominic Burford 10-Nov-14 9:01am View
Can you be more specific. You have posted a whole load of code and expect us to make sense of it all. Can you refine your question so it's easier to understand what you are asking.
Dominic Burford 5-Nov-14 10:59am View
I agree it certainly doesn't appear to be permissions related, but it's worth ruling everything out. When everything else is ruled out you are left with the truth.
Dominic Burford 5-Nov-14 10:54am View
Are you able to delete the file without using your application i.e. from Windows Explorer? Doing this rules out whether it's your application code or another problem. Do you have delete permissions on the folder?
Dominic Burford 5-Nov-14 6:15am View
There is no straight-forward answer as it depends on multiple factors. This article may help you making your decision
Dominic Burford 4-Nov-14 3:29am View
Open your web.config and look for your customErrors section. It needs to look like this.

<customerrors mode="Off"></customerrors>

This will allow you to see the error message that is being generated. Your current setting is preventing you from viewing the error.
Dominic Burford 31-Oct-14 11:12am View
I would suggest contacting the PayPal online help as this ins't really a technical issue but a PayPal issue. When I had to integrate PayPal into a ecommerce website I found the online help and documentation very useful.
Dominic Burford 31-Oct-14 11:05am View
What is the process that creates the JSON in the first place? Surely it makes more sense to fix the data at the source than to try to fix it later on in the process. Fix the process that creates the duplicates in the first place.
Dominic Burford 31-Oct-14 4:05am View
Add it to the first code snippet you supplied where you return List<PhotraxBaseData>

string sql = "SELECT DISTINCT photosetName FROM PhotraxBaseData ORDER BY
psets = db.Query<PhotraxBaseData>(sql);

//filter your list here to return just the columns you require
var setnames = (from a in psets select a.SetName).ToList();
return setnames;
Dominic Burford 30-Oct-14 13:23pm View
Add the code to your first version of the function, NOT the one that uses the List<string>
Dominic Burford 29-Oct-14 8:29am View
I'm guessing this is your coursework / homework from your diploma course. Shouldn't you at least try to implement this, and ask a question if you get really stuck.
Dominic Burford 28-Oct-14 11:20am View
As with trying to solve any problem, break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces, each of which can be solved.

1. Read the JSON data from the URL into a local variable
2. Create your UI with your grid
3. Use the JSON data to populate the grid

To parse the JSON look at the DataContractJsonSerializer class.
Dominic Burford 28-Oct-14 9:57am View
Which bit are you stuck on? Parsing the JSON, populating the table view, all of it?

To parse the JSON, firstly look at the DataContractJsonSerializer class.
Dominic Burford 28-Oct-14 9:47am View
As you're getting a WebException exception then it looks like your web page is not able to connect to your web service. Can you open the .asmx page and view the WSDL? Maybe restart your web service and try again. If not then look at the InnerException in the debugger to see if there is an underlying error.
Dominic Burford 28-Oct-14 4:37am View
The WCF service works as expected when it's invoked directly from Visual Studio? Can you check your client config to ensure that you are connecting to the correct WCF endpoint.

It might be worth creating a self-hosting console app for your WCF service for debugging purposes. This is how I debug my WCF services before I deploy them to IIS. This is to ensure that the WCF service works correctly when run from a client, in addition to the unit tests that run the code directly from the service. Creating a WCF self-hosted console app is easy and should allow you to properly debug your problem.
Dominic Burford 28-Oct-14 4:13am View
Have you bought the domain name? Do you know how to create a website with Tomcat and configure the DNS from your web hosting company? If you know how to do all of this, then the process should be fairly straight-forward. As long as the web hosting has all the necessary files it needs to run your web site, you should be good to go once you have uploaded it to the web server.
Dominic Burford 27-Oct-14 4:58am View
If hosting your WCF services from IIS then you can limit the requesting URL to domain or IP address in IIS.
Dominic Burford 21-Oct-14 11:21am View
Dominic Burford 21-Oct-14 10:25am View
Are you saying that your WCF services get executed at intervals using timers and threading?

I'm not sure what you mean when you say "self-hosting in console or windows which needs to be running" as IIS also needs to be running to invoke a WCF service method.

What problems are you getting? Can you provide further details.
Dominic Burford 14-Oct-14 10:10am View
Personally I always try to read / write files to the user's TEMP folder.

string tempFolder = Path.GetTempPath();

As an aside, I place all my namespaces at the top of my code so that I don't clutter my code with the full path i.e. System.IO should be included at the top of your code file so that you don't need to keep referring to it repeatedly throughout your code.
Dominic Burford 14-Oct-14 10:03am View
Between uploading the file and deleting it, what else are you doing with the file? Are you performing some other action on the file? Clearly some other process still has a lock on the file.
Dominic Burford 14-Oct-14 3:52am View
Is there a particular reason why you are using LINQ to determine your connection strings? Why not use the built-in class ConfigurationManager instead? Also, your function reads in the entire contents of the config file to only discard most of it with your LINQ statement. This is inefficient, and for larger files could be costly.
Dominic Burford 13-Oct-14 11:44am View
Does it have to be video? There are plenty of online tutorials and resources that you could use, and more of these are available than their video counterparts.
Dominic Burford 13-Oct-14 9:30am View
What exactly are you trying to do? When do you see the error? Can you supply more details please.
Dominic Burford 13-Oct-14 6:32am View
Are you getting this message when running your app or when building it in release mode? What information are you seeing in the output window when you build it? Can you provide more information please.
Dominic Burford 13-Oct-14 5:16am View
In Visual Studio you should have a toolbar that you use for debugging your app. The toolbar contains a dropdown that contains your attached devices / emulators. To the right of this toolbar is your Android logging. Click on this to bring up the log where you should see the error in more detail.
Dominic Burford 13-Oct-14 4:44am View
The Resources file only gets updated when you rebuild the project.
Dominic Burford 10-Oct-14 6:01am View
I'm not posting any more suggestions on this topic as I just keep getting down voted. I have tried to help but if other people do not understand my suggestions, then ask for further clarification rather than down vote someone who is taking the time out from their busy schedule to help. Sorry but I'm outta here.