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Comments by goldsoft (Top 7 by date)

goldsoft 21-Aug-18 8:56am View     CRLF
thanks, how to do it ? or how to copy the file to server ?
goldsoft 18-Jul-14 6:45am View    
thanks !!!!!! its work !!!!!!!
goldsoft 18-Jul-14 3:41am View     CRLF
i try this: contentType: "text/xml", dataType: "text", and got this error: POST 500 (Internal Server Error) jquery.min.js:130 c.extend.ajax jquery.min.js:130 Look (index):14 onclick
goldsoft 18-Jul-14 3:17am View     CRLF
thanks for the help, i try this but i got error. my WebService code: [WebMethod] public DataSet GetItem(string Makat) { dsView = new DataSet(); OpenConnection(); SQL = "select Item,Des from MyTbl where Item = '" + Makat + "'"; dsView = new DataSet(); adp_SQL = new SqlDataAdapter(SQL, Conn_SQL); adp_SQL.Fill(dsView, "MyTbl "); adp_SQL.Dispose(); if (dsView.Tables["MyTbl "].Rows.Count >= 1) { return dsView; } else { return null; } }
goldsoft 14-Jul-14 9:52am View    
i dont get any errors but i dont get any result