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Comments by Bryian Tan (Top 200 by date)

Bryian Tan 12-Jul-19 22:21pm View    
What is "this" error?
Bryian Tan 4-Jul-19 11:41am View    
What the code trying to open? this might be useful javascript - Style using css - Stack Overflow[^]
Bryian Tan 2-Jul-19 7:54am View    
I'll just stick with Text/Id in the dropdown. In the backend/code-behind, lookup the table name by Id. there no reason to expose the table name in the UI to the user.
Bryian Tan 21-May-19 0:10am View    
Have you try connect to the database using the username/password through SQL Management Studio?
Bryian Tan 16-May-19 23:57pm View    
PRINT @cols