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Comments by Sergejack (Top 19 by date)

Sergejack 6-Jun-14 10:15am View    
No, I just can't find word to explain all that should be going on there. I would just mess up the question. Let alone, English isn't my mother language. XD
Sergejack 16-May-14 10:30am View    
Ok, I got it. I had no real clue how the internal mechanics worked.
Sergejack 16-May-14 8:09am View    
How does it make sense?
Sergejack 16-May-14 7:54am View    
I don't really follow you. Could you explain it with other words?
Sergejack 16-May-14 7:51am View    
It works. So I can specialize a function template from inside the class declaration?