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Comments by Padam Agrawal (Top 18 by date)

Padam Agrawal 25-Sep-15 7:33am View    
Thanks for suggestion. Would be better for me if get some reference.
Padam Agrawal 25-Aug-15 2:58am View    
Thanks Maciej,
You got exactly what i want that would work also;

But is there any way to pass directly list<Product> to RDLC As data source rather than flat records. because in case of flat records mostly columns are repeating.

I sent List<product> at RDLC and able to access Pid, sName but not List<variance> cvariances

This was my concern hope you undersatnd.

Thanks a ton for quick response and solution.
Padam Agrawal 9-Apr-15 2:22am View    
Peter I am new in MVC, My query was is there any way to see page design as development level?
Padam Agrawal 7-Apr-15 8:15am View    
Contact at
Padam Agrawal 7-Apr-15 7:12am View    
if sender email has 2 step Google verification then remove/deactivate then try..

search how deactivate Google authentication 2-step verification