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Comments by musefan (Top 30 by date)

musefan 8-Apr-21 8:27am View    
I have posted a solution for you. It's on a different site though. Go fetch.
musefan 31-Jan-17 5:01am View    
I have using inline event handling, so I may be wrong, but will `event` even exist? normally if you assign an event handler you need to specify the event parameter to be able to use it. Do you get any console errors?
musefan 12-Jul-11 7:35am View    
Also, you should have put this code in your original question using the Edit feature
musefan 12-Jul-11 7:34am View    
You have some really bad code practises going on there!

Firstly, you should definitely be using an app.config file for your connection string.

Secondly, there are a lot of wasted functions floating around. However, it is beyond the scope of this message to go into those :P

Can you check your database connection using the UDL file I had suggested and see if your hard-coded connection string is working...
musefan 12-Jul-11 6:47am View    
Wow, that is a very vague description...

1. Do you have a specific connection error?
2. Does the machine with your application running on have access to the database? Can it see it?
3. Is the database set up with correct settings? (permissions, users etc.)
4. Can you connect to the database via another tool such as a UDL file (create a new file called test.udl and then open the file for some options)