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musefan 8-Apr-21 8:27am View
I have posted a solution for you. It's on a different site though. Go fetch.
musefan 31-Jan-17 5:01am View
I have using inline event handling, so I may be wrong, but will `event` even exist? normally if you assign an event handler you need to specify the event parameter to be able to use it. Do you get any console errors?
musefan 12-Jul-11 7:35am View
Also, you should have put this code in your original question using the Edit feature
musefan 12-Jul-11 7:34am View
You have some really bad code practises going on there!

Firstly, you should definitely be using an app.config file for your connection string.

Secondly, there are a lot of wasted functions floating around. However, it is beyond the scope of this message to go into those :P

Can you check your database connection using the UDL file I had suggested and see if your hard-coded connection string is working...
musefan 12-Jul-11 6:47am View
Wow, that is a very vague description...

1. Do you have a specific connection error?
2. Does the machine with your application running on have access to the database? Can it see it?
3. Is the database set up with correct settings? (permissions, users etc.)
4. Can you connect to the database via another tool such as a UDL file (create a new file called test.udl and then open the file for some options)
musefan 12-Jul-11 6:22am View
Can you explain some more of your requirements. Currently they are not clear.

Are you saying that you want to store the data stored in your FIFO implementation (i.e. the current queue) into a database?
musefan 12-Jul-11 4:44am View
Then I will have to agree it sounds like some dodgy code that we would need to see
musefan 12-Jul-11 4:29am View
Perhaps the error is caused when changing while the control has focus? Which sounds like is what the OP is trying. I see your button clicks will take the focus
musefan 12-Jul-11 4:15am View
Does your application crash straight away? or after some time? What does your application do? I have seen BadImageFormatException for memory leaks too, specifically when doing custom drawing (OnPaint event etc.) and not disposing images when using them in a PictureBox (or similar)
musefan 6-Jul-11 10:58am View
What kind of application are you developing? WinForms? Also, what kind of data store are you using to store user details? (e.g. SQL Database) and the level of security really depends on how much you value the data
musefan 5-May-11 12:18pm View
Not not unclear
musefan 5-May-11 12:16pm View
So your admitting it is a breach of their terms, yet you still want us to help you do it. You could always set up a policy that disables browsing to youtube
musefan 3-May-11 12:20pm View
I have deleted your solution and added the code to your original questions. If you add a solution then your Q&A will no longer show on the Unanswered list (which is bad) - I will look a your code now...
musefan 3-May-11 11:48am View
Sounds like your not setting the printer tray in your PrintDocument code, can you post some code to show what your app is doing
musefan 21-Apr-11 7:34am View
Oh, and I used stream because OP using stream. Also, perhaps the 'other codes' creates the XML from a string (which you do need XMLTextWriter for)
musefan 21-Apr-11 7:27am View
Yes, you are right! I had forgot about that. Thanks I will amend my solution
musefan 21-Apr-11 5:19am View
ha ha ha hahahaha haha ha ha ha ... oh no, I little bit of wee came out :(

Oh, and I imagine this would be illegal too
musefan 14-Apr-11 12:30pm View
See updated
musefan 13-Apr-11 12:18pm View
Yes, if you set it to decimal places = 0 then it will still accept "." but it will not display - however, and what I think is a bug, the underlying Value will be a decimal including any fractions you typed in, that is why you use Math.Floor to ensure you have the correct Int value that you want.

Basically, you do not want a message box popping up. This is not user friendly!
musefan 13-Apr-11 12:01pm View
See additions
musefan 12-Apr-11 9:45am View
Well what is it that determines the nodes in the XML?
musefan 12-Apr-11 8:55am View
Actually, you can't even close tab/browser without the prompt (I am using Chrome) - obviously I could still force kill the application
musefan 11-Apr-11 8:35am View
This isn't really a question is it?... useful questions might be: How do I capture key events in javascript? How can I get the system time in milliseconds? How can I use javascript to write to a database? get the idea? (then you can put all the answers together in your web page)
musefan 8-Apr-11 5:58am View
So you need to center align your content. Can you post your html for the first couple of elements/containers and also your CSS for those elements
musefan 8-Apr-11 5:56am View
So one form is trying to access the other form? What code do you have for the buttons that cause the issue?
musefan 8-Apr-11 4:53am View
Please explain more. What language are you using? and what do you mean by reverse sentence? do you mean to write all or the words in reverse order?
musefan 1-Mar-11 11:56am View
And where will you be when he IS ready for advanced techniques? This is the opportunity to explain why it is bad, before he has to find out the hard way (or worse, never find out at all)
musefan 1-Mar-11 11:41am View
don't concatenate strings in an SQL query (this is very bad and known as "SQL injection" - google it!), see my solution for using command parameters
musefan 1-Mar-11 11:33am View
woah, SQL Injection warning!!!
musefan 1-Mar-11 10:10am View
These functions?

...the first overload for ellipse function takes an angle value as the forth param