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Dennis_E 30-Apr-14 7:37am View    
I understand that. I'm sure it's possible in .NET but you probably need to reference some windows api's. I find things like this a lot easier to code in autohotkey than any other language. (You can get the window under the mouse cursor with a single command)
Dennis_E 30-Apr-14 4:09am View
Dennis_E 29-Apr-14 9:01am View    
And I forgot LeftAdjacent and RightAdjacent...
Dennis_E 29-Apr-14 7:10am View    
You need to know the positions in order to determine a winner. You could put the buttons into a 2-dimensional array, for instance. Then you can loop over the lines to check if 4 adjacent buttons have the same color.
Dennis_E 22-Apr-14 10:06am View