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Comments by csrss (Top 58 by date)

csrss 22-Jun-21 11:46am View    
Thanks very much!
csrss 22-Jun-21 11:33am View    
Thanks. This is something what I need. I have tested first_value - is there any difference between them?
csrss 22-Jun-21 11:17am View    
Updated question. Yes, forgot about it. No, it's for me. It is not a table what I am scanning. It is already a result of a query, so I cannot run it multiple times, or insert stuff in temp table - production result contain millions of records.
csrss 22-Jun-21 11:13am View    
1 table scan allowed.
csrss 22-Jun-21 9:42am View    
Thsi table here is just an example. Actual table has more data. And return format is very important.