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Viktor Signaievskyi 21-Dec-11 14:55pm View    
Good luck to you too!:)
Viktor Signaievskyi 21-Dec-11 14:50pm View    
I am always looking exactly for an easy ways, but sometimes it is difficult:)

Viktor Signaievskyi 21-Dec-11 14:42pm View    
Fourier transform is very easy to understand...) It seems to me that I have got the idea of Wavelets but the problem is in realization... exactly in Fast Wavelet Transform...(
Viktor Signaievskyi 21-Dec-11 14:28pm View    
--SA, thank you for the quick reply and useful links!)

I have checked the source codes referring these links and found some useful like that one But faced the problems with compiling tests. Hope it is mine temporary problems...

It will be nice if someone can provide this "thread" exactly with the function like GetSpectrogrammUsingWavelet(...). I will understand if reader of this message suppose I wish too much.)

Thanks a lot!

P.S. In addition, some interesting example for Wavelet Transform of 1D signal. I haven't understood the Wavelet results (they are in graphical presentation)using this software.( The link is:
Viktor Signaievskyi 20-Dec-11 17:09pm View    
Thank you, RaviRanjankr!