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SrikantSahu 15-Aug-17 3:46am View    
Do you bring all the messages send to the user in each ajax call.. or its just the last message?
SrikantSahu 29-Jul-17 3:55am View    
try in console once(F12). see if $('#selectPage').val() gives any values.
Ideally when you are forming those buttons they all will have same ids.
And the change event handler, I am not sure.. did you think about a Select Item with a different Id?
SrikantSahu 29-Jul-17 3:48am View    
I checked the code.. and the ball is moving in circular. Not sure where is the problem, as it crosses the first cell where it was initialized.
SrikantSahu 29-Jul-17 3:45am View    
I dont think, you will be able to post a javascript variable to PHP , unless you put the varaiable value in some input or some other html controls. You can also do an ajax call where you can pass the variable as a json Key-pair value.
SrikantSahu 10-Apr-17 5:31am View    
Can you paste the full html code.