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Comments by Mathew Crothers (Top 10 by date)

Mathew Crothers 22-Oct-14 2:02am View    
My first comment would be to point out that you have SQL injection vulnerabilities in this code. Make sure you use parameters in you SQL queries instead of putting the user submitted variables straight into the string.
Mathew Crothers 20-Dec-11 17:13pm View    
What is the data source you are using for the DataGridView. I'm assuming that there is a public property in the dataset that has the name ZSL_Action
Mathew Crothers 1-Jun-11 23:07pm View    
In QBasic opening a stream started with an OPEN command then finished with a FOR (type) and a file number.

So FOR RANDOM AS #1 means open the com port for RANDOM access and assign it the file handle #1

PRINT #1, "0000000000" just means write "0000000000" to the file handle #1.
Mathew Crothers 1-Jun-11 22:44pm View    
Do you mean that the socket on the service fails, or that clients connected to the service drop their connections?
Mathew Crothers 26-May-11 19:14pm View    
Yes it does. Have a look at the documentation here