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Comments by elgaabeb (Top 77 by date)

elgaabeb 13-Jan-12 18:26pm View    
elgaabeb 12-Jan-12 9:38am View    
Hard to understand x_x, or obvious !
elgaabeb 12-Jan-12 5:38am View    
could you give us more information about the serice you've developed ?
elgaabeb 11-Jan-12 7:46am View    
you must write that inside writeOutput:

FILE * pFile;
pFile = fopen (file[x].c_str(),"w");
if (pFile!=NULL)

for (int i = 0; i < listString.size(); ++i){
// for each column

for (int j = 0; j < data[i].size(); ++j)
fputs (data[i][1].c_str(),pFile);

fputs ("\n",pFile);
fclose (pFile);
elgaabeb 10-Jan-12 16:11pm View    
Have you ever changed the output file name for each intput file ?? ... try to debug step by step to see what's happening and what is wrong with your program.