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Comments by Albert Holguin (Top 200 by date)

Albert Holguin 20-Apr-17 14:29pm View    
When you try this again... from the directory you're in do the following:
(0) list the current directory
(1) run pwd to see your present working directory
(2) list the /bin directory (to make sure you have bash there)
(3) list the environment variables (env)
Albert Holguin 14-Mar-17 16:19pm View    
Except there's a major negative in pulling in IO from a user as integers for the purpose of doing math... you'll immediately lose precision from a floating point input. Your results also don't always match the input types, integer division often results in non-integer value (i.e 3/2!=1, 3/2==1.5).
Albert Holguin 13-Mar-17 10:21am View    
FYI... this is considered bad for security, hence the feature being disabled by default.
Albert Holguin 1-Mar-17 17:27pm View    
+5, I'd add a couple of things... if you're already in python and have a prompt, you can launch via execfile() or exec() (depending on version)... and you can also run the debugger on a python script from the terminal
Albert Holguin 1-Mar-17 17:11pm View    
Appears to be an "embedded" Python issue (or nuance)...