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Comments by Tomas Takac (Top 200 by date)

Tomas Takac 29-May-20 2:25am View    
Print out content of @sqlTrigger1 and try to run it manually, this should give you more info.
Tomas Takac 28-Apr-20 2:40am View    
If those are XML files, you can read them as such and only do the replace in values and not keys.
Tomas Takac 24-Apr-20 2:36am View    
You can have a look at the source code of a IoC container and find out for yourself. Here are the sources for Unity container[^] for example.
Tomas Takac 21-Apr-20 2:21am View    
With the data you show there should be no duplicates. Try to run this to see where it is duplicated:
select a.userid, b.userid, c.userid
from Able a
left join Brake b on b.userid = a.userid
left join Cost c on c.userid = a.userid
Tomas Takac 8-Apr-20 2:23am View    
It is not clear what you are asking. The code is supposed to go to the catch in your method, then the same exception is re-thrown and caught somewhere up the call chain. Or crashes your program if not caught. The try-catch as shown in your example is useless, you may as well remove it. Anyway, I think you should update your question and also show the code which calls this method but you don't get the exception there as expected.