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dasblinkenlight 17-Oct-11 5:46am View    
That's too much code now :) Could you please post only the SQL portion that reads the data for your combo box, and remove everything else?
dasblinkenlight 12-Oct-11 10:43am View    
> By the way, I don't understand how division by 4 can be relevant here
Since each three bytes from the original sequence are encoded as four base-64 characters, the length of properly padded result should always be divisible by four. However, padding is mandatory only when multiple base-64 items are concatenated as a single string; in all other cases, it is optional. That is why the divisibility of the length by four has rather limited applicability.
dasblinkenlight 7-Oct-11 6:13am View    
The pattern "block all input, wait for a pop-up, and deliver a click to it" reminds me of viruses and adware. You aren't writing any of these nasty things, right?

Just kidding...
dasblinkenlight 6-Oct-11 10:04am View    
I assume the shortcut keys work in other applications. For example, F5 pressed in a browser reloads the page, right?
dasblinkenlight 5-Oct-11 14:44pm View    
Since RegistryPreset gets string copies of keys in the constructor, and because strings in .NET are immutable, I doubt that your list items actually change with each new insertion. It is a lot more conceivable that the code you use to enumerate the list is incorrect: the results look a lot like the classic LINQ's 'Access to modified closure' mistake. Do you see three identical items when you break on the return statement in the debugger?
P.S. Your code will throw an NPE when it's passed null for rkFrom, because it will try sorting a null result list.