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Comments by glennPattonWork3 (Top 200 by date)

glennPattonWork3 26-Jul-23 15:43pm View    
A simple error message would have save so much time.
glennPattonWork3 26-Jul-23 14:19pm View    
I made a stupid mistake. The program relies on a serial port being present. On this dang work lappy only when you give it a Serial port via USB. Sorry!
glennPattonWork3 26-Jul-23 10:45am View    
Might be if the program uses USB devices or something that change the widget changes state and that breaks something.
glennPattonWork3 26-Jul-23 10:41am View    
Took the whole project file. There are any config files as it is a serial port program. I will try something, I might have an idea...
glennPattonWork3 26-Jul-23 9:45am View    
Just Opened it and run it and a big fat nothing... I wondering if there is a switch in building the Exe I have missed, can't think I did anything different though.