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Comments by amit_83 (Top 96 by date)

amit_83 4-Sep-15 6:07am View    
Thanks for reply.
Getting illegal character error when write a value like "Richard 😀 " using XMlSerilizer.
amit_83 2-Jul-15 23:50pm View    
Thanks for reply.
Please have a look into below link. I have similar issue.
amit_83 26-May-15 2:12am View    
Hi willington,
It does not resolve the issue but its much much help full to get an idea. That will resolve my issue.

amit_83 6-Apr-15 2:46am View    
Sorry, Its not what i want. As i mention, My business lay is seperate from ASP.NET application i mean both projects are diffrent.
amit_83 18-Feb-15 7:28am View    
Hi Afzal,
I read your post, Its good idea to do like that because it will reduce get/post data size. I am new for MVC, Can you give me any example to achieve this?