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Bill_Hallahan 21-Nov-13 20:16pm View    
Reason for my vote of 5 \n
Bill_Hallahan 5-Nov-13 18:48pm View    
Great. Of course, I had no idea what the solution was!

I'm glad me being a sounding board helped! :)
Bill_Hallahan 4-Nov-13 22:05pm View    
Perhaps by ARBG, you meant 32-bits, with an Alpha channel?
Bill_Hallahan 4-Nov-13 22:04pm View    
The code you have posted has red and blue swapped already, so I should have written they need to be unswapped to be clearer! Since there's a lot of blue in the original image, with the colors swapped, there should be a considerable red tinge to the image, so if you swapped the colors correctly, there's more going on. I suspect the video doesn't use 8 bits per color component. It could be either 555 or 565 color format. For the second format, that's 6 bits for green and 5 bits for the red and blue, in either rgb or bgr order.

However, i'm just guessing.

Also, in your last message, I have no idea what you mean by A and G in place. There is no A color component.

Please post the code with the red and blue colors swapped.