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Comments by Brisingr Aerowing (Top 12 by date)

Brisingr Aerowing 18-Mar-16 2:36am View
I noticed that in the class definition, the name of the method is Get, but the definition below is named GetA, which should cause a compiler error like the one you see.
Brisingr Aerowing 28-May-15 18:31pm View
Try it now
Brisingr Aerowing 28-May-15 17:17pm View
Oh yeah. Forgot the second gets. Just change both gets to gets.chomp, and remove the what = what.chomp line (the bold one)
Brisingr Aerowing 28-May-15 11:15am View
Brisingr Aerowing 27-May-15 22:48pm View
I tried it and it doesn't stop. I am trying lowercasing the input string and comparing it with String.casecmp.
Brisingr Aerowing 27-May-15 17:24pm View
Look at the date on the question again, you should see something odd.
Brisingr Aerowing 3-Apr-15 17:37pm View
And that means?
Brisingr Aerowing 23-Jan-13 15:41pm View
Where you have the catch(Exception) line, replace that with catch(Exception ex) and post the Stack Trace from the ex variable. You can just write it to a file and paste the text here. That info should help us figure out what went wrong.

My current guess is that your device does not support OpenGLES 2.0 for some reason.
Brisingr Aerowing 15-Jan-13 18:05pm View
How about the ExcludeClip method? Does that give the wanted result? There is also a Flatten method on the GraphicsPath. Try those.
Brisingr Aerowing 22-Oct-12 21:22pm View
Like the on/off switches in the iOS options area. Just as TheCardinal suggested.
Brisingr Aerowing 22-Oct-12 21:21pm View
Yes. That is what I am referring to.
Brisingr Aerowing 22-Oct-12 21:20pm View
It should act like the switch control in iOS.