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T2102 31-Aug-12 11:12am View    
Unfortunately it's not consistent and may have been a coincidence. The article I reference indicates that the ole provider for outlook is meant to be run in STA instead of MTA. Otherwise you get an error such as " System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: There are no MAPI clients installed on this machine. Install a MAPI client (like Outlook) on this machine." I think .NET and the provider may be the source of the problem, but I still can't figure out why it can't catch an exception.
T2102 13-May-12 20:11pm View    
The call to fscanf_s without a buffer size does cause exceptions with Visual Studio 2010. That's the point of using it as an example.
T2102 20-Oct-11 17:54pm View    
Yes, I agree with you about Configuration instead of mode. I am only using the console in my example, no WPF or MFC form complications. I don't see Exceptions under the debug menu. I am using Visual C++ 2010. My particular application is simply; run a bat file and send an email indicating whether or not it succeeds. The complication is that if the dlls and exe happen to be in different configurations, Visual Studio refuses to start or gives a pop-up error instead of allowing the try catch blocks to work in my dlls or the exe.
T2102 20-Oct-11 16:31pm View    
In debug mode, I compile all of my code into debug.
T2102 16-Aug-11 11:59am View    
When I execute the stored procedure calling the executable directly in an executable/dll, it seems to be faster than executing the stored procedure in SQL Server Management Studio. Could the time lag be attributable to SQL Server Management Studio or some option set in it? I've already changed the packet size to 32767 since my internet connection can be slow and a communicate with headquarters on the west coast when I live on the east coast.