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Comments by Kenneth Haugland (Top 200 by date)

Kenneth Haugland 26-Jun-21 9:32am View    
Ill take that back, you just need some new Task items, and start them in succession
Kenneth Haugland 20-Jun-21 18:50pm View    
Did you implement INotifyPropertyChanged on the properties in your ViewModel? How did you link up your ViewModel to the Window?
Kenneth Haugland 25-May-21 3:40am View    
Can also use BindableBase from Prism if you use that
Kenneth Haugland 20-Apr-21 4:55am View     CRLF
It works but you have to set it up correctly: public MainWindow() { InitializeComponent(); ClassItems Myinput = new ClassItems(); ChildWindow dlg = new ChildWindow(ref Myinput); dlg.Show(); } With class: public class ClassItems { public int MyProperty { get; set; } = 50; } With the child window: public partial class ChildWindow : Window { public ChildWindow(ref ClassItems test) { InitializeComponent(); test.MyProperty += 55; } }
Kenneth Haugland 14-Apr-21 6:57am View     CRLF
Then I would do something like: public uroven(MyClass ref ClassImplementation) { InitializeComponent(); } its either out of ref, cant remember. The point is that you can pass this class in from the constructor as a referance to a variable in your window that "owns" or rather constructs this.