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Shmuel Zang 16-Jun-22 10:30am View    
I've searched a lot in the internet for solutions, but didn't find something that really work. I've also read documentations, but didn't find any way for getting the actual class of a generic type.
A solution doesn't have to be a fully working example. Any lead to the right direction can be good enough.
Shmuel Zang 15-Jun-22 17:08pm View    
Yes, this is one of the not working examples that I've found in my search. What I asked here is for a working example.
Shmuel Zang 15-Jun-22 12:26pm View    
I know that T.class won't work (also wrote it in the question). I asked if there is another way that I can use for getting the class of T.
Shmuel Zang 15-Jun-22 12:22pm View    
Added the code that throws the exception.
Shmuel Zang 18-Jul-17 5:18am View    
Well, it's hard to guess that you had a problem with the lacking of a QApplication or QCoreApplication (that should be in another function), without seeing the entire code. Anyway, it seems like you still needed to use a DirectConnection...