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R. Erasmus 13-May-16 4:42am View    
I don't have the compiler you are using... without it I won't be able to help you. srry.
R. Erasmus 13-May-16 2:58am View    
What is _AL? Some really intelligent 'c' thing which changes the actual language? How can _AL be three different values at the same time? Perhaps defined as a function pointer and increments itself every time it is called? Even that is a bit far fetched? Are you hoping that the three keyboard buttons pressed would always be after each other in memory? Maybe possible... if you setup the pointer to the correct memory location. Give us the definitions of the macros you are using and we can help. Maybe a description of the functions also.
R. Erasmus 19-Apr-16 5:14am View    
Good answer!
R. Erasmus 10-Jun-15 3:00am View    
Search code project for suggestions on books for c language. There is an endless amount of questions just like yours.
R. Erasmus 9-Jun-15 2:59am View    
There is no "this" keyword in the characters c and #; There are only two characters,'c' and '#'. :-P