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Anand V_ 16-Apr-14 23:23pm View    
@CPallini, Restoring all the material properties makes me to define them in every paint event. I am looking for partial restore / reset. Please let me know if there is a way to do it.
Anand V_ 16-Apr-14 2:30am View    
Thanks for your comment. In a way... Yes.
User input will cause a change in the Ambient color on next paint event. In such a case I do not need Diffuse properties to be retained.

I would reframe my Question's Code block so as to give a better picture.
Anand V_ 24-Sep-12 4:41am View    
No. I do not want to set texture when I create my GL List.
Currently I am creating a GL List and calling it when ever required with different Colors.
I want to use the same GL List for showing Texture also.
Anand V_ 24-Sep-12 0:08am View    
I cannot do that as I have to re-use the compiled list with different Colours & Textures.

I am able to apply Color to a Compiled GL List and render but not able to do the same way for Texture mapping.