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YDaoust 14-Feb-24 17:06pm View    
Not joking at all, you did not explain. Closing VS and reopening every time you want to edit the UI is not an acceptable solution. It's worse than opening the Designer twice. And... does not work !
YDaoust 14-Feb-24 1:44am View    
Thanks. I have no idea of how to spot such invalid constructors, can you tell me more. I am using Windows Forms for legacy reasons.
YDaoust 14-Feb-24 1:41am View    
Thank you. This is the typical kind of frustrating info that you find on the Web. Frustrating because it contains a lot of garbage such as unanswered "me too" questions, denials from Microsoft, and wrong answers. I tried the Linker settings suggested in one of the posts. Not only it does not solve the problem but it creates a new one by introducing a syntax error. There is also a video where what the speaker types is not visible !

Please avoid such unchecked links.
YDaoust 13-Feb-24 10:34am View    
I am using the standard widgets.
YDaoust 13-Feb-24 8:15am View    
Thank you for the hint. I was indeed wondering how to insert this.